Health & Fitness Ads: Inspiring Examples, Tips, Best Practices, and More


Did you know that our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Well, yes! And given the natural affinity for visuals and the amount of time we are glued to our screens, it isn’t surprising that videos are becoming a crucial medium for marketers and advertisers to reach more consumers.

In fact, more than half of the global consumers have cited videos as the type of content they want to see from brands they support. And for the health & fitness industry, it’s no different. Nothing works better than compelling fitness ads, as they have the power to inspire and motivate people to work out religiously.

Creating fitness video advertisements doesn’t have to be expensive. Although having a generous production budget makes it easier to create stunning fitness advertisements, it’s still possible to make mesmerizing, shareable videos that have the power to convey the message across — and help accomplish tangible outcomes — without spending a fortune.

Today, we will tell you how to go about creating amazing health and fitness ad campaigns that have the power to influence your target audience and help your fitness brand to grow fast.

What Makes a Fitness Ad Stand Out

1. Creative storytelling (within 30 seconds)

Video storytelling is a type of advertising technique that brands use to evoke emotions and drive interest in their target audience. Stories play a key role in making your fitness marketing more effective while ensuring they are immersive, powerful, and engaging.

They are much more than a sales pitch. It’s an art that has the power to instill empathy and build a strong connection between your viewers and your fitness ad campaigns.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Step 1: Consider these questions beforehand

Once you have answers to these questions, you will have a framework to work with. Think of some creative ways to connect with your audience and techniques to make your fitness ad video memorable, shareable, or perhaps, go viral!

Step 2: Make a good storytelling video

Step 3: Keep these video storytelling tips in mind

2. Nailing the pain points of the target audience

Consumers don’t care how great your products are. Instead, they are searching for the right solutions to their issues. Your fitness campaigns will witness better growth if you address their problems correctly.

But the question is – How do you know what your target audience’s pain points or challenges are?

Here are a few things to note:

3. Simplicity, curiosity, and personalization

When it comes to creating fitness ads, there are three golden rules you need to remember:

Making effective ads is no longer only about cost and reach. Though these are vital, the ability to gain attention, drive engagement, and retain awareness is key to both branding and strategic advertising. And that’s why a blend of these three elements (simplicity, curiosity, and personalization) in your fitness campaigns can do wonders.

Take any award-winning ad or an ad that brought in great results, you’ll find one thing in common: simplicity. While compelling stories and incredible executions are great, it’s the straightforward message that delivers results.

Let’s speak about Nike’s ad campaign for that matter.

Back in 2020, Nike released an inspirational and powerful ad on the International Women’s Day to convey its message of empowerment. The video had no groundbreaking effects to capture the viewers’ attention. Rather it was kept simple with extraordinary and inspiring stories of women who made a big difference in their communities.

The clip plays under one minute and features a narrator beautifully stating that a day would come when we needn’t have a day to celebrate the achievements of women because that has to be honored every day and not one day!

4. Use of elements (text, images, smooth animations)

By elements, we mean anything and everything that helps enhance the aesthetics of your video. They could be from text, image overlays, animations, clips, captions, icons, timers, and more.

Here are a few elements to use in your video:

Also, keep in mind that excessive use of elements can make your video look tacky, cluttered, and overdone. So make sure to balance them out.

5. For silent playbacks, beautiful visuals, text-heavy descriptions, and subtitles are the key

The shifting viewership behaviors have transformed user expectations as to what an incredible video sounds like. While you may add music, audio, or sound effects, the video must still be able to work well without them.

When viewers lean into video content, both sound quality and soundtrack become pivotal, no doubt. But when your content is seen on social media, people watch them on mute. That’s why producing compelling video ads, which are compatible with a no-sound experience is more important than ever.

Many small businesses and brands have nailed such video ads in the past, and here’s how you can go about it:

6. A great soundtrack

While optimizing your videos for silence is a good practice, you still want to add some sound for the viewers who play with sound on. A nice piece of music can emphasize the message for people who want to hear and know what your video is all about.

7. Actionable CTAs

For silent videos, placing a call-to-action becomes even more challenging. However, a good practice is to place the CTAs twice—one, within the initial 10 seconds and the other at the end.

8. Interesting thumbnail

This has been stressed enough for long and for valid reasons. An interesting thumbnail has the power to create the best first impressions, grabs viewer attention, gives context to your video, and drives engagement.

How to Create Health and Fitness Ads

The possibilities of creating modern-day fitness ads are just endless but one thing is true for any advertising campaign: a proper plan.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you go about it:

1. Strategize your ad

The AIDA model needs no introduction. It’s the founding principle and must be at the core of the fitness ad. They help be aligned in terms of your key objectives and the ad itself.

Missing these key elements reduces the chances of accomplishing what you want through your fitness ad campaigns. Miss ‘awareness,’ and they won’t even read the ad. Miss ‘desire,’ and they won’t need what you are offering. It’s like a chain. There is nothing worse than getting a viewer’s attention just to see them go away, as there weren’t any clear directions for him/her to take.

2. Set your objectives and choose your target audience

Define your goals to make sure your ad does what it is meant to do. It could be driving more views, generating leads to your online fitness classes, promoting new training programs, or creating brand awareness; no matter what it is, write down the objectives.

Knowing what you want to accomplish with your fitness ad will help you come up with creative content and keep things on track. Setting the right goal to work towards actually gives a direction to style your ad.

Once you have your goals in place, identify whom you want to target and tailor your ad accordingly. Doing this will impact both the ad placement and the design.

3. Plan your creatives

A good health and fitness ad will have a few key elements. While the sky’s the limit to making your videos creative but there are a few must-haves:

Fitness Ad Templates to Help You Get Started

If you are ready to jump on board with a nice fitness video ad, then we have got you some options. Of course, you can easily hire an agency or a professional to help you yield high-quality results, but it is also extremely expensive and might take longer.

On the other hand, you can hire an amateur or a student who’s less expensive, but then you’ll be compromising on the quality. Or you could DIY using a free or low-cost video editor with templates like Typito.

Here are some of the coolest and best fitness video ad templates to help you save time, cost, and unwanted headaches.

1. Run a fitness product sale

Edit this template

Trying to create a fitness promo video? Then here’s a template that engages and promotes your products. It features well-designed text captions to showcase your message.

2. Gym membership on a discount

Edit this template

You only have a few seconds to grab your viewers’ attention, so add some punch to your gym ad with this gorgeous template. With vibrant colors and cool text animations, this fitness ad template lets you show off your best offers. Its bold, in-your-face message is a perfect way to show that your gym/health brand is a great place to get themselves in shape!

3. Promote your yoga studio

Edit this template

Promote your yoga studio creatively with this tranquil ad template. Highlight not just the USPs of your brand with sharp, vector icons but also add a nice finishing touch with a logo and session schedules.

4. Live stream promo ad

Edit this template

Set the mood for live streams with this intro video template and get your viewers to be fully motivated and engaged with your streaming sessions. With beautifully designed, bold text captions, highlight your key message not just in style but also inspire self-care.


 ✅ 1. How do fitness trainers attract clients?
There’s no magic formula to acquire more clients for your business. Instead, the idea is to follow a multifaceted approach, which is through referral marketing, sending weekly emails to your existing clients, engaging with new customers on social media, posting testimonials on your blog or website, and developing relationships with healthcare professionals.

 ✅ 2. How to sell yourself as a personal trainer?

With an increased demand for personal trainers over time and being a dynamic, competitive industry that’s witnessing growth every year, marketing yourself as a personal trainer is more important than ever. Brand yourself professionally. Make sure your flyers, business card, logo, and social media creatives work in tandem to project the right impression.

 ✅ 3. How to promote my fitness business online?

There are a couple of ways to do that effectively. Reach out to your contacts and explain your services, livestream your classes and share them as links, run fitness challenges from time to time, and offer exciting rewards or giveaways.

Excited to start your own fitness ad campaigns but not sure how to do it?  Let’s get you started on an editor that was built to make video creation a breeze. 

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