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Fitness Posts for Social Media: Ideas, Examples, Tips, and More

Fitness Posts for Social Media: Ideas, Examples, Tips, and More

Today, a more significant part of building a fitness brand comes down to how you effectively use social media. And with an average user spending 147 minutes of their time in a day on social media, it only makes sense to speak and engage where they are.

But the question is: how to create impactful fitness posts for social media that will bring in more leads and drive conversions without breaking a sweat?

You might be strategic with your marketing efforts or using the right social media sites to advertise your brand, but how engaging are your posts? Is the content extraordinary? Does it evoke emotions? Is your messaging clear?

To help you with all this, we will take you through some inspiring fitness social media post ideas and interesting tips to grow your brand. And if you are already running campaigns on social media that are driving good results, then you may want to double down on video marketing because it boosts your reach and conversions instantly.

Here’s what we will discuss:

Inspiring Examples of Fitness Social Media Posts

From green smoothies to chiseled abs and squats, fitness influencers have not only carved a niche for themselves but are dominating social media feed in a way we have never seen before.

Let’s look at how some fitness brands and influencers create their video posts on social media to stay different.

1. Nike

When it comes to fitness advertising, Nike, the world’s biggest and most renowned sportswear brand, brags it to the top. Nike’s marketing strategies have always been different and creative. Just take a moment and think of any Nike campaign you can, and it’s highly unlikely you will recall them talking about their product quality or design. Instead, you’ll remember the story behind the advertisement.

The brand also demonstrates to us that flexibility and creativity are what work. Most importantly, they approach every social media channel differently to ensure they best appeal to the platform’s audience.

The takeaway: Craft simple but beautiful stories

Social media is a space where people share their experiences, and it’s also the place where they ask support-related questions. Nike has cracked the code to appeal to a massive community through its impactful image and video posts to build long-lasting relationships.

Nike sells shoes, but when you think of them, you feel they are much more than just a shoe company. Every time you see their fitness ad, you’ll notice that they never discuss their products. They don’t tell you how great their air soles are or why they are better than Adidas’s air soles. So, what does Nike do? Well, they honor great athletics and athletes.

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2. Crunchgym

With 265+ franchises operating globally, Crunch Gym is well-admired for its no-judgment, assorted services, and offerings. Crunch’s corporate account is worth taking inspiration from.

Their content is simple yet unique and quirky. Just look at their videos on Instagram, and you’ll notice that they highlight critical details in bold text for people to understand better. They even make it easy to find by including their popular hashtag: #CrunchGetsPersonal.

The takeaway: Build a community through relevant, entertaining content

Crunch's social media followers have been growing from day one, and that's because they fuse fitness and entertainment so well. Most importantly, they take time to research to stay on top of what's trending and new.

Not only are they proactive in posting content, but they also are simple yet impactful. Like Nike, they have built a strong community with content that features bold text to make it more appealing to the audience. While they share content to promote their business, it isn't the only focus of everything that they share. They build strong relationships and engage their audience with exciting stories and photos.

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3. Kayla itsines

Kayla is a renowned Australian fitness star who has been in the limelight for quite some years for her Instagram posts. She builds a tight-knit community by encouraging her followers to share their before and after workout pictures to inspire and motivate each other. She even made it to TIME Magazine's list of 30 Most Influential People on the Internet in 2016.

Her Instagram feeds are mostly a mix of social media-friendly platitudes, photos of her, some healthy and colorful meals, and before-and-after pictures of people in her fitness community who have followed her workout plan and shown excellent results.

The takeaway: Motivate your audience to go the extra mile with their fitness regime

Through her Instagram posts, it's evident that Kayla is getting people to be more fit. She does everything from low-intensity cardio to resistance training to HIIT (high-intensity interval training). They aren't innovative in the fitness world but do you know what worked for her? It's the community she built by making women accountable for their health and wellness.

She made them feel empowered and strong by helping them do push-ups. She brought millions of women together. She also posts high-quality videos with clear descriptions to make content consumable and easy to remember.

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Now that we've seen what works well for brands, let's look at some ideas you can use in your next ad campaign.

Fitness Social Media Post Ideas to Drive Conversions

Here are some interesting fitness social media post ideas to inspire and boost your overall content strategy. Using these in combination with a few different ones adds variety to your content publishing schedule. Just be sure to adapt these to the voice of your unique community or fitness audience.

1. Inspire and motivate with quotes and infographics

Source: dailytoughfitness

Motivational quotes are a great way to engage and inspire your target audience. Interestingly, there are millions of examples out there. Search for #gymquotes, #quotes, or #fitnessmotivation on Instagram, and you have plenty of ideas to draw inspiration from.

Make sure to leverage a combo of popular yet less-used quotes to increase visibility. Have a clear picture of how you want your fitness quotes to make your audience feel. Do you want them to laugh? Or be motivated? Feel charged up? Or maybe, the quote is short, but you have a nice story that you want to highlight in the Instagram caption.

When done well, quotes have the power to generate an incredible amount of engagement, even when incorporated into your promotional flyers.

Tips to note:

  • 👉 Keep the quote short, neat, and snappy.
  • 👉 Add images (or even stock photos) to make it memorable.
  • 👉 Get the color scheme right and ensure they complement the text.
  • 👉 Keep the background minimal.
  • 👉 Don’t use more than two font styles.

2. Before and after posts

Source: before.and.after.weightloss

There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a non-famous, average person accomplish outstanding fitness goals. Believe it or not, these are excellent forms of advertisement that build trust and efficacy for your fitness brand or gym.

If you know members who have transformed their bodies by taking up your fitness programs or going to your gym regularly, ask them if they can share their stories on social media. While you’ll get a wonderful post to inspire your audience, the person might appreciate this opportunity to flaunt their results.

Tips to note:

  • 👉 Share honest transformations (no misleading photo-edited transformations).
  • 👉 Use text captions on the image for context.
  • 👉 Choose pictures of people wearing the same clothes to see the difference.
  • 👉 Keep the background light while the text and the person remain in key focus.

3. Teach your followers how to use a new equipment

Source: activatfit.gym

Sometimes, workouts can feel like a drag, and that’s why having variations in your workout regime or introducing a piece of new equipment can spice things up a bit. Doing this will give your social media followers key details into how they can use exercise or gym equipment effectively or differently.

Tips to note:

  • 👉 Keep the video intro clean, precise, and crisp.
  • 👉 Make sure to add instructions in captions throughout the video.
  • 👉 Make sure that such fun videos are raw and not too fancy.
  • 👉 Make the video look rich through text-based effects.
  • 👉 Add a piece of upbeat background music for an impactful intro.

4. Show the “other” side of your gym

Source: Retro fitness

When it comes to gym social media post ideas, keeping things ‘fun and entertaining’ works like a charm. You don’t always have to show serious faces chasing their health goals on chest press machines or treadmills. Instead, show the other side of the gym to your audience.

Show them that performing workouts can be fun, too, especially if they make new friends or hit the gym with someone they know. Such video posts convey the message that gymming doesn’t only have to be just hard work.

Tips to note:

  • 👉 Share how your members work out inside the gym while having fun, too.
  • 👉 Don’t overdo your branding.
  • 👉 Keep the content personal and relatable.
  • 👉 Fine-tune the aesthetics to enhance the ‘fun’ quotient.
  • 👉 Make color adjustments and add stickers and text animations to make it appealing.

5. Share nutritious or healthy recipes

Source: fitmencook

Nutritious food recipe videos have a huge potential to go viral on social media. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t cook, it’s hard to resist watching high-quality, delicious food videos. They are simple, snappy, and mouthwatering. Food videos are no less than a goldmine on social platforms. Their engagement rates are generally high.

Don’t believe us? Then just recall the time when Buzzfeed’s Tasty drove 85+ million followers on Facebook within a 3-month period through their short and engaging video content. If they can, so can you!

Tips to note:

  • 👉 Ensure the recipes are quick, easy, and have well-rounded nutrition.
  • 👉 Add the ingredient list as text in captions or on the video.
  • 👉 Keep the ingredients as the key focus.
  • 👉 Make sure to keep the background music light

Fitness Video Templates to Help You Get Started on Social Media

Customizable video templates make more sense if you’re struggling to create social media videos that resonate with your target audience. They are easily editable, impactful, and more organized.

Here are a few fitness video templates to help you get started on social media:

1. Workout session

This template inspires others to go the extra mile by showing them how to work out the right way. Highlight the exercise session in a nice text template that’s bold enough to grab your viewers’ attention. Change the font, color, music, and background to make it more appealing to your audience.

2. Yoga poses in a listicle format

Yoga is all about creating a synergy between your body and mind. To create that impact virtually, you need a video template that’s bright yet soothing and calming. Leverage this stylish template to promote your skills and wellness journey and invite viewers to achieve their zen along with you.

3. Healthy food recipe

Show off your cooking skills in style with this video template. Play with brand colors, captions, animated text, and more to match your brand. Once you have whipped them into shape, flex your new ad across your socials and on your website.


1. What should I post on social media for fitness?
Whether you’re a fitness brand, a personal trainer, or a fitness freak, here are some interesting ideas to post on social media to get more followers:

  • Before and after pictures of clients/subscribers
  • Workout videos
  • Inspiring fitness quotes
  • Free diet and nutrition plans
  • Throwback posts
  • Quick healthy cooking tips
  • Photos of fitness-focused celebrities

2. How do I promote my gym on social media?

To advertise your gym on social media effectively, here’s what you need to do:

  • Initiate conversations through user-generated content
  • Post simple yet interesting questions
  • Be consistent with your posts
  • Don’t bombard your audience with frequent promos
  • Do live workout sessions
  • Launch a short, 1-week fitness challenge
  • Demonstrate how to use a piece of equipment correctly
  • Educate audiences on the right way to perform different workouts

3. How do I market myself as a trainer on Instagram?

Here are some good tips to get this right:

  • Leverage GIFs and short videos
  • Be empathetic and motivational
  • Create an interesting hashtag for your brand
  • Connect with different influencers
  • Post testimonials and results
  • Be creative with Instagram reels
  • Post surveys, polls, quizzes, countdowns, and more
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