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Why Create Videos For Your Nonprofit?

A survey of nonprofits conducted by Google and Millward Brown Digital found out that 57% of people who watch a video for a nonprofit, go on to make a donation! The combination of moving images, beautiful text and synchronized music make videos a great way to invoke emotions and inspire people to act. Here are some numbers that speak loud:

  1. After the launch of YouTube’s Nonprofit program, videos from nonprofits have amassed over 4.6 billion views!
  2. In a survey by Google, 39% of respondents researched a nonprofit within 24 hours of watching a video ad online.
  3. 75% of the respondents mentioned that videos help them understand the impact of nonprofits.

Videos can be used across different stages of your nonprofit’s journey and to convey a range of messages. From sharing your vision, raising funds to thanking donors and sharing success stories, you can produce and promote a wide variety of videos across platforms.

Create Engaging Videos for Your Nonprofit Campaign Goals

Learn how to design 6 important types of videos to achieve key goals across campaigns.

Brand building can help make a memorable impression; it allows the supporters of the nonprofit to know what to expect of the organization, it can influence the way people perceive an organization, and moreover, it can help a brand stand apart and differentiate itself from its competition.

  • Brand Story videos play an important role in ‘Donor Acquisition’.
  • Grand and bold vision instilled in them
  • Use an intro slide to establish reasons why you want your audience to consider becoming a donor
  • Use stock footages and original images or footages that reflects well, the cause the nonprofit is fighting.
  • Use music that builds up tempo or arouse the feeling of hope or anticipation.
Check out Brand story video templates >

Creating awareness is an important part of developing support. Awareness can translate into action and help people to understand and respond to a need. It helps educate people and boost public awareness about a nonprofit’s cause.

  • Awareness videos play an important role in ‘Donor Acquisition’.
  • At the core, it is about portrayal of important facts that warrant an emotional response from the audience.
  • Use an intro that sets the context of what you are about to witness in the form of a small snackable video
  • Captions carry the story in awareness videos for more than 80% of the duration.
  • Outro could be a call to action about donating or registering to the cause or even to share the video
  • Use music that makes the audience touched by the problems and possibly join your journey.
Check out Awareness video templates >

Keeping all stakeholders of a nonprofit engaged is essential. For a nonprofit organization, the stakeholders are the donors, trustees, employees, beneficiaries, partner organizations, among others. It’s important to update them with the work that the nonprofit organization is doing. Video is a crucial element of this process. Whether it is graphs, numbers, photographs, video footage, it can all be compiled in the form of a video for easy sharing.

  • Community Update videos play an important role in ‘Donor Engagement’.
  • Intro can be something like “Day #1 at Orlando Outreach 2020” or “5 things we did in March 2020”
  • Lower thirds can be used to showcase quotes, important events or introducing volunteers or beneficiaries.
  • Use video footages or images captured during the nonprofit’s different activities
  • Use outros to prompt viewers to follow updates from social media channels
Check out Community Update video templates >

Events are one of the most effective ways to get the word around about your nonprofit. EventBrite’s Pulse survey of 500 nonprofits found that the great majority — 78% — of nonprofits most frequently host cause, community, and educational events. Not surprisingly, 32% of them also host galas and fundraisers. If it’s a cause event or a gala, it might be a great place to acquire new donors where as community and educational events could help with engaging with your existing donors.

  • Event promo videos can certainly help with Donor Acquisition and Donor Engagement.
  • Use intro to establish the context for the video with a one liner. Eg. “Why Green Round Table 2020”
  • Lower thirds to introduce the speakers for the event or highlighting the episodes at the event
  • Footages of event video can either be clips from the event or from the last year’s chapter of the event
  • If the purpose is pre-event promotion, the call to action would be to sell tickets
  • Event highlight video published post-event would try to keep the donors engaged on social media
Check out Event Promo video templates >

A study published by Emotion showed that appreciating and thanking can help you win new friends and acknowledging other people’s contributions can lead to new opportunities. Donor retention studies revealed that only 2% of nonprofit organizations are able to retain their donors year after year. In such a scenario, a thank you video would be a quick and effective way to ensure that your supporters stay with you.

  • Thank you video helps with the goal of ‘Donor Retention’.
  • Use captions to narrate the story of how you achieved ambitious milestones with the help of the donor.
  • Use outro to thank donors, one last time! Use this opportunity to tease the donor about upcoming plans.
  • Leverage candid shots from different programs run by the nonprofit.
  • Individual personalised thank you messages from staff and volunteers will go a long way
  • Pleasantly conclusive themed music is helpful, that shares a good vibe with the audience.
Check out Thank You video templates >

Milestones, achievements and progress are all interconnected. Sharing success stories provides a sense of achievement to not only those who are a part of the nonprofit organization or a particular project, but even the donors and supporters. It helps in building an emotional connection with the audience, increase visibility and increased participation. Moreover, it is a great way to document the activities of the nonprofit organization.

  • Use captions to narrate the story of how the nonprofit achieved ambitious milestones and goals.
  • Try to show how the beneficiaries feel about the impact.
  • Use outros to thank donors and volunteers
  • Leverage candid shots from an impact perspective
  • Get testimonials from beneficiaries about how the nonprofit’s work impacts their life
  • Pleasantly conclusive themed music is helpful, that shares a good vibe with the audience.
Check out Impact video templates >

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