Full HD videos

Publish Full HD videos (1080p) with Typito. Never compromise on quality.

Preview on the go

Get a real-time preview of how the final video looks like. No surprises after export!

Square and Vertical videos

Transform your video into square or vertical formats with just a click. Magic resize!

Upload your own audio or music track

Use any track to define the tone of your video in the way you want.

Free access to 600,000+ high-quality images

Beautiful high-resolution photos from Unsplash. Do whatever you want with them!

Branding across projects

Save all your brand elements - logo, titles, lower thirds and use them across projects with a click. Read more.

Collection of 200+ free motion graphic templates

Use templates of your choice from a collection of Adobe After Effects grade motion graphics.

Upload videos to Facebook directly

Seamless integration with Facebook. Save time by uploading your videos directly from Typito.

Swift video transitions

Add a mood to your storyline using smooth transitions between clips. Spice up your storyboard with just one click.

Common Questions

Can I trial Typito for free before paying?

Yes. You can create up to 4 videos/month for free with Typito branding. You can remove the branding for a project for $15 or upgrade to any of the paid plans.

How do I pay for a plan?

Click on any of the Buy buttons to initiate your payment. We use Stripe to process payments. It supports all major credit and debit cards and we do not ever store your card details.

How many times can I export a video project?

You can use a single project to export a video 5 times. So with the same project, you can create videos in different formats - square format for Facebook, widescreen for YouTube and vertical for Instagram!

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. You can go to the pricing page in your account and choose any plan you want.

What if I decide to cancel?

You are free to cancel any time. If you cancel, you'll be downgraded to the FREE plan, where you can still create videos for free but with Typito branding. Learn More

When will I get billed?

You will be charged immediately upon subscribing and then every month after that on the same date. You will be getting an invoice sent to your email address whenever a payment is made.

What happens to videos I have already created when I cancel?

All the videos you create are yours to keep. They won't be deleted unless you want them to be.

Do you have a non-profit discount?

Yes we do. We offer 50% discount on annual subscriptions to registered nonprofits. Learn More

What happens if I don't use all the available video credits in a month?

Unused video credits at the end of a subscription period will automatically roll-over to the following period. You can amass roll-overs for as long as your subscription is active. If you cancel your subscription you lose all video credits you amassed in your account. In case of a downgrade or an upgrade, the video credits you've already amassed will not be affected.

What is your refund policy?

Typito is built as a pay-as-you-go service so you can pay a reasonable subscription fee without committing on a lifetime purchase. This also means that it is difficult to refund payments after customers have used the service for a few days. We do not have a refund policy, however, if you believe your case is an outlier and deserves a refund, please write to us at and we will figure out what can be done :).

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