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7 Event Marketing Videos all Marketers should See

The production rate for event marketing videos are getting cheaper by the day - you can shoot your own HD or 4K video with just a smartphone! Though content creation is getting easier, getting the desired outcome from the videos can still seem daunting. Impactful and engaging videos go through a well thought a designing stage that leads to a well produced video that drives people towards action. This is one element of marketing that you may want to incorporate in your business's strategy. Another would be using SEO to drive customers and clients to your site; it's preferable to get a good return on your SEO investment so working with an experienced marketing agency in your chosen field should be one of your primary focuses.

Additionally, you can also choose from several other marketing tools like PPC ads, social media advertising, and programmatic display, which use artificial intelligence and data analytics that could prove helpful to increase the reach of your videos.

Why do video marketing for events?

There is no denial to the fact that videos act like hot wheels for your marketing campaign. If you don't believe in just words and go by numbers, here's something for you:

  1. 82% of event marketers choose social media to market their events.
  2. According to thought leaders in the event marketing industry, 94% of events that used video in 2018 said it was effective.
  3. A HubSpot research found that 72% of consumers prefer video to text for receiving marketing information.
  4. Companies have seen 2x increase in CTR on the email campaign with a video, compared to an average email campaign.
  5. A Forrester Research says that one minute video is worth 1.8 million words.
  6. The study also shows that video is around 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.
  7. Videos are 1200% times more likely to be shared than texts and links combined.

But where do we start from?

How to ace event marketing videos for your campaign?

We looked at dozens of event marketing video (including the Netflix original, Fyre), to understand the game videos play in event marketing and management. And we found out one thing, everybody wants to show off their efforts and the magnitude of their event with videos and show the value of community networking. They keep the world updated with what's coming up for them and how it turned out to be a big blast.

Let's warm you up with this example for inspiration. How many of us felt an adrenaline rush after seeing this video:

Event promotion video with text by GKA Gran Canaria 2019

Did you know that it roughly costs $5000 to design this single text video like this? You won't shell out your fortune on videos if you check this out.

Packed with a punch of beautiful owned media assets and simple text and call to actions, this video created a buzz around the world. Hats off to their scripting and location.

Do you want to create similar impact for your event? Here are some of the best type of event marketing videos to inspire you:

1. Teaser videos:

Teaser videos are promoted before the event. It helps in building anticipation by showing the audience what's coming up for them. This is your shot to make your upcoming event look grand and increase ticket sales. Promote your video on social media for maximum reach.

Here's an example by Jaipur Literature Festival promoting their music stage and link to buy tickets:

Event teaser video on Instagram

Tip: Keep your video as long as upto 45 seconds.

Did you know that you can design stunning time-lapse videos with text on Typito? You have to check this out.

2. Invitation videos:

Event invitation videos can boost your marketing strategy and get maximum eyeballs to your campaign. Make most of this pre-event opportunity to make your message as fun as possible. Have a human face talking to the audience, instead of just showing them numbers and animation on the screen. Not just that, your invitation videos also have the potential go viral, giving your event the hype it needs. Post your event invite video on social media and newsletter, and encourage your followers to share it to invite their peers.

Take a look at this video from NarrowStreet. You'll get an idea on how cool and informative your video can be.

Event invitation videos with human touch

Tip: Add text to your invitation video for important highlights and CTAs.

3. Interview Videos:

Quick and snack-able bites with the performing artists or speakers can engage your attendees on the day of the event. You can ask your attendees, sponsors, or speakers to share what they feel about the event. This can also be used as Testimonial videos for your event.

Here's what Coachella did to keep the energy up:

Interview video by Billie Eilish on Instagram

Tip: These videos should be kept to 15 minutes.

4. Live Social Engagement:

While the event is going on, create a simple and fun Live Social Count video to engage with your visitors. It'll give your event a fun twist and can fetch some great reviews from influencers on their social media profiles. Create a social media poll on Twitter with a particular hashtag or mention and bring a small fun-battle alive.

Live event social counts video

Tip: Keep your poll questions humorous and trendy to make it fun for your attendees.

5. Behind the Scene videos:

Behind the scene aka BTS videos show the raw, human side of an event coming alive. It shows the viewers how you planned and organized it, creating a buzz of excitement and nostalgia post the event. You can share these videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. It's a great way to show your journey with your team and the challenges you had to tackle to make your event successful.

Have a look at this commendable video by this British rock band:

Coldplay's behind the scene video for YouTube

Tip: Add as many owned media assets (pictures and videos) to set the right note.

6. Aftermovie videos:

Aftermovie videos are done post the event which contain stories that show how your whole event transformed over the time. It's a great way to show your hard work, team spirit, and team efforts. Majority of big music events and expos create before and after videos to create anticipation in people and show the massiveness of your event.

Take a look at this video used to promote a marathon:

Aftermovie video to promote success of a marathon event

Tip: Keep the video length to 100-120 seconds.

7. Thank You videos:

No matter how big or small your event is, never forget to express gratitude to people who attended your event. Thank you videos are a great way to promote your event post the event. It's a brilliant way to show others what they missed out on and increase ticket sales in the future. You can share these videos on YouTube and other social media platforms for maximum views.

Have a look at WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2019's commendable video:

Post-event thank you video for an exhibition

Tip: These videos are best kept to 60-80 seconds.

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