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Are your videos going color blind?

Are you making a lot of videos these days? If yes, I have a question for you:

How do you select colors for your video?

I must tell you, I’m going absolutely color-blind looking at these 10 colors and their 10,000 shades and variations. And if I could do things my way, I’d choose pink over everything for every part of the canvas.


Thankfully, I have a brand guideline to save me from pulling my hair. Yes, a brand guideline can draw a solid boundary for you. But it doesn’t show you how to make your message stand out from the rest. You may still have to play with them, mix and match them, and make sure that the right message gets delivered in the most moving way.


So, my team lead, Tej, happened to see me struggle with a simple video. Everything in my video was camouflaging with an ugly shade of red. Tej was sitting next to me, smiling, and not helping me at all. His short and simple answer was, “This red color, ummmmm…looks too aggressive for that messaging”.

Thanks, Tej. Now what?!

Oh yeah, it struck me then, colors speak!

Science shows how colors affect your mood and perception. Colors have their own language, and they can make you feel different. The psychology of colors is a hot topic in marketing, advertising, design, and art which helps them reflect their identities and ideas through colors.


So, the color red in my video made Tej feel aggressive, huh?

Which means if I can cleverly choose colors for my video, I can pack it with more punch. When used well, colors can help a video strike the right chords of the viewer’s heart.

I read a bunch of articles, studies, and picked the brains of a few teammates at work. Here’s what they collectively felt and said about these basic colors:

1. Red: A powerful color that never fails to draw your viewer’s attention. It’s a bold and passionate color which can make you feel angry, loved, and comfy. This color punches!!!

Source: People vs Oil

Source: People vs Oil

2. Green: This is the true color of optimism and calmness, you can also express envy with it. Green is also a color of compassion, excitement, good luck and health. It’s also the color of nature.

Source: Efforts for Good

Source: Efforts for Good

3. Yellow: Yellow is a complex color that easily catches your eye. It’s the color of food, brightness, heat, and energy. Yellow catches attention.

Source: World Economic Forum

Source: World Economic Forum

4. Blue: Light blue is a calming color that expresses trust and dependability. While dark blue is a color of coldness and lack of emotion. Different shades of blue can add different moods to your storyboard. Blue calms you down.

Source: Calm

Source: Calm

5. Brown: Brown creates a wholesome feeling. It’s the color of Earth, sense of orderliness and convention. Darker shades of brown are also a color of luxury, vintage, exclusivity. Brown makes you feel organic.

Source: Cadbury Bournville

Source: Cadbury Bournville

Now that you have this guide in your hands, go create the most powerful video for your brand like it's a cakewalk.

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