15 Best Facebook Video Downloaders that Do the Job in Minutes [2022 Rankings]


Zuckerberg invented a fantastic social media platform but made it incredibly difficult to download media off of it. We are all aware of the hardships Facebook faced, not to mention how it experimented in monetizing video content shared on the platform. As a consequence of these hardships, downloading content is a pain, hence the hunt for the best Facebook video downloaders begins.

With an open-source operating system, it is easier to find a downloader app on Android, but Apple seems to agree with Zuckerberg on this front.

15 Best Facebook Video Downloaders Online for Free

Whether you want to download Facebook videos for your marketing needs or like to share them with your friends or family, these downloaders are the best way to get the work done.

1. fbdownloader.net

best facebook video downloader

fbdownloader is by far one of the most user-friendly and the best Facebook video downloaders out there online. This free video downloader helps users download their favorite videos from Facebook in seconds and save them for viewing offline later.
Whether it’s Android, iOS, Linux, or Windows, the site works perfectly on all operating systems.

The tool lets you save a video in standard-quality or high-quality MP4 format. Interestingly, the website also enables you to convert FB videos to MP3 audio files.

How to download Facebook videos using fbdownloader

Benefits of using fbdownloader:

Note that any video you want to download from this platform will still be on Facebook’s server and not the sites. This means that neither does fbdownloder.net save any of your videos (that you want to download) on their servers, nor do they keep a history of what’s downloaded.

2. fbdown.net

best facebook video downloaders

FBDOWN.net is another user-friendly and free Facebook video downloader that helps users download FB videos and save them for viewing offline. It generates direct links to the FB video.

The tool works with Android and Chrome browsers, but you will have to first install the Firefox web browser app and then open the Facebook app to share the video on your timeline or feed for iPad and iPhone. Finally, click the Copy Link option. Paste this link on the FBDOWN.net’s input field on the homepage to download the video.

How to download Facebook videos using fbdown.net

Benefits of using fbdown.net:

Note that the videos will be on Facebook’s servers and not on their servers. They don’t save any of your downloaded videos on their platform or maintain any history of the downloaded video files. This means that using FBDOWN.net is safe and anonymous.

3. Fastvid.com

best free facebook video downloader

If speed is what you’re after for a while looking for a Facebook video downloader, then fastvid won’t disappoint you.
The tool has a simple yet colorful interface, which is powerful and safe. The moment you begin the download process, it hosts it directly on Facebook’s servers, which means it neither stores your videos nor tracks any history. It’s anonymous.

How to download Facebook videos using fastvid

Benefits of using fastvid:

Let’s face it, nobody likes to wait to download videos from Facebook posts, and this issue is something that fastvid has smartly taken care of. All you have to do is copy-paste the video URL, and your video is all ready to be downloaded and seen offline. While doing so, you get two resolutions to pick from, which are standard and high definition.

4. Getfvid.com

best facebook video downloader online

Getfvid is one of the best online tools to download Facebook videos and convert them to MP3 (audio) files or MP4 (video) for free. The downloader works perfectly for tablets, mobile phones, and computers. Once the video file is downloaded, you can save it on your camera roll or hard drive to view it offline.

The tool has a friendly, colorful interface that’s easy to use. The download process begins with just a click of a button, and in minutes, you have the video ready. As simple as that!

How to download Facebook videos using Getfvid.com

Benefits of using Getfvid.com:

The website is free to use and doesn’t need any registration or software. They even have a chrome extension to make things more convenient. Like any other good Facebook video downloader, even Getfvid neither stores videos nor keeps track of any download histories. But the only drawback is that it doesn’t let you download private videos.

5. Getfbstuff.com

best free facebook video downloaders

Getfbstuff’s Facebook video downloader lets you download Facebook videos in HD quality and MP4 format directly to your devices (iPhone, Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, etc.)

The interface is clean, site speed is good, and it extracts the video’s MP4 links directly. It’s free to use, without installing any software or additional plugins. Most importantly, the process takes just two steps.

How to download Facebook videos using Getfbstuff.com

Benefits of using Getfbstuff.com:

The tool is safe and secure to use. Videos are downloaded from facebook’s CDN directly. This means Getfbstuff doesn’t host any pirated or copyright video/content on their server.

6. Fbvideodownloader.org

free facebook video downloader

Fbvideodownloader.org is another plug-and-play online tool that lets you download FB videos on-the-go. It’s free and even has an extension for Chrome.

The interface of this Facebook video downloader is clean and crisp. It doesn’t require you to register or download any extra files. Like any other downloader, you just have to copy-paste the URL and add it in the input box. As simple as that!

How to download Facebook videos using fbvideodownloader.org

Benefits of using fbvideodownloader.org:

The tool has an extension for Chrome, which lets you download videos from Facebook without any restrictions. The download process is hosted directly on Facebook’s server, which means that the tool has nothing to do with what you’re downloading. It doesn’t track your download history either. So this means it’s safe and anonymous.

7. Fbvideosaver.net

free facebook video downloaders online

Yet another simplest and one of the best Facebook video downloaders is FBVideoSaver. Boasting a self-explanatory title, FBVideoSaver is a safe and reliable platform to download videos from Facebook.

With this ready-to-go tool, you don’t have to download additional plugins or files on your computer. Just copy the video link from Facebook, paste it into the input field, and click on the “Download arrow icon.” Your favorite FB video is saved in MP4 format and ready to be watched offline.

How to download Facebook videos using fbvideosaver.net

Benefits of using fbvideosaver.net:

The tool allows you to download videos in SD as well as HD quality. The tool has a different feature to download private videos too. It also comes with an extension for your browser to let you download as many Facebook videos as you want.

8. iLoader

free facebook video downloaders

iLoader is another user-friendly and free Facebook video downloader that doesn’t require you to register or install any files. All you need is the video’s URL, and you are good to go.

The tool is compatible with all devices like iPhone, Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. The best part of this tool is that besides letting you download videos from Facebook, the tool also has special features to download private videos, convert them to MP4, and even download live videos.

How to download Facebook videos using iLoader

Benefits of using iLoader:

The tool also has an app and a browser extension to let you as many videos as you want from Facebook with just a few button clicks.

9. SaveAs.co

best rated facebook video downloader

If you think installing an app to your device and then getting it to download your Facebook videos is tedious, you can reduce the process using SaveAs.co. The tool is free and boasts a nice, clean interface that represents simplicity.

All you have to do is copy-and-paste the video URL and click “Download.” Depending on the video size and quality, the process takes from a few seconds to minutes. There you go, your video is all ready to download and watch offline.

How to download Facebook videos using SaveAs.co

Benefits of using SaveAs.co:

SaveAs.co doesn’t host any copyright or pirated content on their servers. Every video that you want to download is hosted on Facebook’s CDN servers and doesn’t save any copy of what you download. Overall, convenience and simplicity make SaveAs.co one of the best Facebook video downloaders online.

10. Getfbvideo.net

facebook video downloader for free online

If you need a reliable tool to make videos downloadable off Facebook, then head straight to Getfbvideo.net. Whether it’s live videos or private, the tool lets you download Facebook videos with ease and in minutes.

The tool is compatible with all browsers as well as devices. Most importantly, it’s 100% safe and doesn’t keep any download records because the video URLs are hosted directly on Facebook’s servers.

How to download Facebook videos using Getfbvideo.net

Benefits of using Getfbvideo.net:

You can use this tool on any device or browser. The Chrome extension is easy to use and makes downloading videos from Facebook more convenient.

11. Downloadsocial.media

top rated facebook video downloader

Downloadsocial.media is another well-admired Facebook video downloader that’s fast, free, and secure. Their system uses unique and sophisticated conversion engines that help download and convert videos into MP4 from Facebook.

The tool doesn’t require you to register or install any additional files to use it. It is fast, efficient, and convenient to download Facebook videos. It doesn’t end there! There are options to convert videos into MP4 storage files. These can be saved on your local storage to watch it offline.

How to download Facebook videos using Downloadsocial.media

Benefits of using Downloadsocial.media:

Downloadsocial.media doesn’t store any videos or maintains any history downloaded with the help of this tool. Every video is hosted on Facebook’s servers directly. It’s safe, efficient, and fast.

12. Fbvideodl.com

free facebook video downloader online

FBvideodl.com is a great downloader that’s available online for free to help you download videos and convert videos into MP4 or MP3. The tool is compatible with all devices and browsers.

The tool is quick, efficient, and versatile. The interface is a bit quirky and simple to ensure that you have a fuss-free and clean experience.

How to download Facebook videos using fbvideodl.com

Benefits of using fbvideodl.com:

The platform is easy to use, free and offers a rich interface. But what makes it different is the ability to download videos in multiple formats. The process is super quick, preventing the need for you to wait between downloads.

13. Vidsaver.net

facebook video downloader online

VidSaver is a Facebook video downloader with a simple interface. It also includes a Chrome extension, enabling you to download videos that can’t be downloaded with a link (especially private videos or videos from any closed groups).

The tool gives you two options to download: SD quality & HD quality. No matter what option you choose to go with, the download quality is excellent, with the only difference in the file size.

How to download Facebook videos using vidsaver.net

Benefits of using vidsaver.net:

VidSaver is reliable, quick, and easy to use. The Chrome extension lets you download as many videos as you want with a few button clicks.

14. QDownloader.io

top free facebook video downloaders

A user-friendly and fast Facebook video downloader, QDownloader is the next on this list. The tool has an eye-grabbing and intuitive interface, which works like most online downloaders.

What makes it unique is the support of 18 different languages and downloading videos from other social media platforms. Apart from Facebook, the platform also includes YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter downloaders.

How to download Facebook videos using QDownloader.io

Benefits of using QDownloader.io:

The site is SSL-secured, and there aren’t any restrictions on how many Facebook videos you can download. It is compatible with all browsers and devices. You can even convert the downloaded videos into different formats and thus, making it one of the best Facebook video downloaders on this list.

15. Odownloader

best facebook video downloaders for free online

Another free Facebook video downloader available online that’s not just brilliant in function and form but also fast and secure is ODownloader.io. What makes it different from the other downloaders mentioned on this list is that it allows downloading videos in 720p, 1080p, and even 4K Full HD formats. The tool also has an extension that’s exclusively designed for Chrome that lets you download videos without limitations.

How to download Facebook videos using ODownloader.io

Benefits of using ODownloader:

The download process of this tool is super friendly and comfortable. It’s just a single-click process with a variety of video formats to choose from. Besides the downloader, the tool also has a converter and video cutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to download Facebook videos for free?
    Whether you want to download Facebook videos for your marketing needs or like to share them with your friends or family, these downloaders are the best way to get the work done. Here is a list of tools you can use to download Facebook videos for free:

    1. Fbdownloader.net
    2. Fbdown.net
    3. Fastvid.com
    4. Getfvid.com
    5. Getfbstuff.com and more.

  2. How can I download Facebook videos 2022?
    To download a video from Facebook:

    1. Go to Facebook and sign in.
    2. Find the video you want to get and copy the URL
    3. Go to online Facebook downloaders like Fastvid, Fbdownloaded, or others and paste the URL to the address bar.
    4. Click “Download” to save the video from Facebook to your computer.

  3. Are FB Video Downloaders legal?
    Yes, Facebook downloaders are legal if you are not using these tools to download copyrighted, protected content. To remain on the safer side, make sure to use the tool only for personal purposes.

  4. Can you monetize Facebook videos?
    Yes, you can monetize your Facebook videos with the help of Facebook ad breaks. Ad breaks are short ads that run in between your uploaded video. Make sure to check the eligibility of your page and video before applying for monetization.

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