15 Best Twitter Video Downloaders that are Hassle-Free to Use


Twitter is a great go-to platform for starting conversations and following trends. It is also a great place to go for an online presence whether you want to spread the word about your personal beliefs or market a company. Or, of course, to simply be part of something and keep up with social media’s current affairs. On top of Twitter, you can find a Twitter followers app to help you get your recognition, but if you already are a Twitterati, you would already know that. You would also already know that a Twitter video download is a significant pain point. It is not as straightforward as clicking a button to download videos to your device with tons of embedded video tweets.

Of course, some free server-side apps and websites do the job of creating downloadable videos from the URL. However, most of these tools are far from being convenient and not always the safest way to download embedded videos from Tweets. Most online Twitter video downloaders are backdoors to malicious sites run by scam bosses.

We are sure this is not where you would want your click to take you. This is where it counts to have a simple app or software installed on your devices or desktops so you can have the video content saved for content curation or merely building a fun video library without the risk of hackers or malware.

If you’ve previously found it challenging to download Twitter Videos, your search ends here. In this article, we’ll cover a complete compilation of the 15 best Twitter video downloaders.

15 Best Twitter Video Downloaders that are Available Online

If you find yourself at the crossroads thinking whether to choose online Twitter video downloader services or a dedicated app, skip the former. Instead, choose this must-try list of 15 best Twitter video downloaders:

1. TWSaver

Twitter Video Downloader

If you think downloading an app to your gadget and getting it to download a Twitter video is too tedious, you can shrink the step count in the process by choosing TWSaver. It has a clean interface that represents simplicity. All you have to do is paste the URL into the form tab and click go.

In a matter of minutes, the video you want to save will be ready to download-the simplicity and convenience place TWSaver in the first spot among 15 best Twitter video downloaders.

How to download Twitter videos using TWSaver

Benefits of using TWSaver

You can easily navigate its interface because it is 100% hassle-free and user-friendly. If you can settle with an app that does not offer parallel downloads or other fancy features, TWSaver is a valuable option to consider.

2. Getfvid

Best Twitter Video Downloader

Not every online Twitter video downloader can download videos from both Facebook and Twitter accounts without running into bugs or glitches. At least, that is the impression most people have from experience. But Getfvid breaks conventions by showing how reliability could be part of the equation without the need for an app.

If you don’t expect web app-like performance to run batch downloads, Getfvid will give you a downloadable link after pasting the URL. If you are not a heavy user or a content creator working with batch files each day, it makes a better choice than other infamous service providers.

How to download Twitter videos using Getfvid

Benefits of using Getfvid

The beauty of Getfvid is that it neither stores your videos nor keeps any copies or histories of your downloaded videos. Every video is hosted directly on Twitter’s servers. Getfvid is completely trustworthy and anonymous.

3. SaveTweetVid

twitter video downloaders online

SaveTweetVid is a step up from other Twitter Video downloaders because it is available online and offline as a browser extension.

We found the latter compatible with the most recent browsers, but our recommendation would always be Google Chrome because the experience surpasses expectations and output is instant. You may not relate SaveTweetVid experience to that of a full-suite software because it is only designed to be browser-ready.

How to download Twitter videos using SaveTweetVid

Benefits of using SaveTweetVid

For most regular users, it is nothing less to look away from because SaveTweetVid can turn Twitter videos into high-quality Mp3 or Mp4 content. The quality is spotless and won’t need further enhancement by a video editing professional.

4. Keep Offline

How to download videos from twitter

Keep Offline is another free Twitter video downloader capable of downloading any video embedded in Twitter posts. The interface of this online downloader is as crisp and intuitive as the app.

The download speed is higher than most other sites, and you unlikely face bugs in getting video downloaded to your device. Moreover, it is proven safe and effective from a security perspective, with most users feeling exceptionally satisfied without negative experiences.

How to download Twitter videos using Keep Offline

Benefits of using Keep Offline

Keep Offline is one of the best online Twitter video downloaders because it is supported on portable gadgets and Windows operating systems. It is as simple as pasting the URL copied from the source and clicking the download button. Your video will be ready to save in a flash.

5. GetMyTweet

best rated twitter video downloaders

If you need a trusted tool to make videos downloadable off Twitter, you will need nothing less than the best because extracting Twitter video is a complex process. After conversion, quality comparison tells whether the process is a hit or miss. This is where the GetMyTweet stands out because the video quality is stellar.

GetMyTweet works on all devices and browsers. The tool is 100% safe to use and doesn’t keep any record of the downloads. The links are directly hosted on Twitter’s servers.

How to download Twitter videos using GetMyTweet

Benefits of using GetMyTweet

The tools we often see are not always the best choice because most results for best Twitter video downloaders will have you redirected to spammy or unverified sites. GetMyTweet is a no-nonsense site that lets you download your Twitter video without any unnecessary redirection.

6. TwitterVideoDownloader.com

twitter video downloader

TwitterVideoDownloader is yet another useful web application that lets you download Twitter videos as well as GIFs with ease. The moment you copy-paste the video URL into the site, the tool extracts the MP4 link from the respective tweet, which can then be saved to your computer or mobile for later use.

Like most trustworthy apps, Twittervideodownloader.com doesn’t store or maintain a history of downloaded videos. All videos are saved from Twitter’s CDN directly.

How to download Twitter videos using TwitterVideoDownloader.com

Benefits of using TwitterVideoDownloader.com

Saving videos locally is a challenge because Twitter disallows video downloads. When you turn to just about any video downloader, you cannot expect the quality resolution or safety from hackers because you could end up parting with valuable data.

These concerns would fizz out if you consider Twitter Video Downloaders because the interface seems excellent for new users. After all, you would not have to fiddle with settings to export the downloaded video with specific requirements. Apart from this, the tool is super fast and works within seconds.

This tool mainly benefits people who occasionally download videos to their devices. Since it is not an app, it does lack the ultra-fluid performance that many other app-based downloaders from this list are capable of.

7. SSS Twitter

twitter video downloader

If you prefer versatility, SSS Twitter has everything you need for getting videos downloaded from Twitter in the format and quality of your liking. It features a simple interface that is clean and fuss-free. Copy the URL from the source and paste it into the textbox on the website. As simple as that!

One extra feature that SSS Twitter offers is choosing the quality and format in which you want to download the video. The process is lightning-quick, and you would not have to wait indefinitely between multiple downloads.

How to download Twitter videos using SSSTwitter

Benefits of using SSSTwitter

The video can be downloaded to iOS, Android, and Windows devices. SSS Twitter also offers a Chrome extension that makes downloading suitable for someone finicky.

8. Download-twitter-videos

twitter video downloader

Sometimes, your browser type decides if a video downloader can be compatible. At times, we have seen downloads fail just because of compatibility issues. If this is your concern, too, Download Twitter Videos might solve this problem for you.

It does not matter what browser you use, download-twitter-videos begins downloading in a snap. It does not depend on third-party apps to facilitate the process. In terms of resolution, you can choose between HD and SD, depending on your needs.

How to download Twitter videos using download-twitter-videos

Benefits of using download-twitter-videos

We found both download format options to be exceptional. After downloading 10+ videos in succession, the system never hung, nor did the ongoing process fail midway. You can initiate downloads from 40+ sources, including popular ones like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

9. Video Downloader Bot

twitter video downloader

How about having a professional download video file from Twitter on your behalf? If you seem to feel comfortable with a third-party individual worrying about getting Twitter videos in the required format and resolution on your local device, tag @DownloaderBot in the comment under the embedded tweet.

Once ready, you will receive a downloadable link as a reply. It is that simple and fuss-free. We have reasons to believe it is not a spammer operating the account because the account seems to have garnered a chunk of followers with several positive feedback.

How to download Twitter videos using videodownloaderbot

Benefits of using videodownloaderbot

If you worry about privacy, you may visit the videodownloaderbot.com and paste the copied link in the textbox to get the conversion started.

10. Downloader4twitter

twitter video downloader

We love speed when it comes to Internet experience because, let’s face it, no one likes to waste time waiting several minutes to download a video from a Twitter post. This issue seems to have been taken care of by Downloader4twitter.

All you have to do is copy the video URL and paste it in the input box. In doing so, you get two resolution choices to choose from -standard and high definition.

How to download Twitter videos using Downloader4twitter

Benefits of using Downloader4twitter

It does involve a bit of user input in several steps but it is worth the effort when you consider the speed of download.

11. TWDownload

twitter video downloader

The TWDownload lets you download both GIFs and videos from both Twitter and Instagram with excellent quality. The content can be downloaded straight to your devices without running into compatibility issues.

If you are frequently saving content from Twitter, it is a great option to consider because it is a heavy-duty downloader capable of back-to-back conversion. It’s a tool that every content creator must try or have in their kit so videos can be downloaded on the fly.

How to download Twitter videos using TWDownload

Benefits of using TWDownload

All you need to get the job done is to copy-paste the URL into the dedicated textbox. After that, the tool will begin converting the URL into a downloadable link. When you click it, the video is saved to your gadget.

12. Download Twitter Videos (Chrome Extension)

twitter video downloader extension

If you prefer extensions to webpage tools, then this chrome extension gives you the freedom to do away with copy-pasting URLs to initiate the download.

To start using this Twitter video downloader, you must first install its Chrome extension. That enables you to directly download the video from tweets by clicking the MP4 button in the dock below the content.

How to use this extension?

Benefits of using Fbion’s extension:

This extension supports downloads in various resolutions. This is great news, especially if the video has a longer duration. If copy-pasting URL is a chore and a waste of time to look for the website tool each time you want to download a video, the extension is more accessible.

13. MyMedia (For Transferring Files Directly to Your iPhone)

twitter video downloader for mac

Android devices are slightly easier to work when compared to iOS because most Twitter Video downloaders seem to have no issues running on Android OS. Among the list of downloaders that have broken this convention is MyMedia.

MyMedia makes Twitter videos available to users of iOS and Android devices. It is a file manager for iPhone with features like video download and management. It is not a standalone downloader but a secondary app that does a fantastic job at moving files to plug and play storage devices.

How to download Twitter videos using MyMedia

Benefits of using MyMedia

For primary download, you might need another app. Once downloaded, your video files will stay saved on MyMedia, from where it can be moved to the chosen destination.

14. Experts Tool

online twitter video downloader

Another online downloader that is brilliant in form and function because it offers an option to save Twitter videos in MP4 and 720p formats on your PC or mobile devices.

The download process is made easy with a one-click process. You can choose between SD and HD video formats too.

How to download Twitter videos using Experts Tool

Benefits of using Experts Tool

This tool is one of the best ways to convert Twitter videos into MP4 files in a click of a button.

15. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

online twitter video downloader

If you need a one-size-fits-all tool, the Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is an all-rounder. It lets you download videos from social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere across the Internet without the need for individual downloaders.

One feature that deserves special mention would be the option to queue up multiple videos so they can be simultaneously downloaded. We think it deserves a solid 5 out of 5 ratings for being the best Twitter video downloader.

Jihosoft can download videos in 4K resolution that not all video downloader apps are capable of. There is no better alternative to the Jihosoft 4K video downloader if you use videos for content creation and marketing.

How to download Twitter videos using Jihosoft

Benefits of using Jihosoft

If you prefer to have videos downloaded as audio from Twitter, Jihosoft lets you do so by converting the YouTube standard aspect ratio of 16:9 to mp3 format instantly.

It is a smarter app that automatically detects the source to save you one extra step of manual selection. The output quality is where it stands out from the competition, needing fewer enhancements to make it consumer-ready.


Downloading videos from Twitter is not new but is neither a direct process. Twitter does not allow one-click download because most videos may be subjected to copyright laws and users may want them shared as private media with permission only to view but not download.

So before you embark on a mission to download videos in batches, make sure you have contacted the owner to check whether the video can be downloaded or used in a specific way.

Most of the Twitter downloaders in this list do not take responsibility for legal consequences when users download videos with restricted usage rights. Therefore, the onus is upon you to ensure you are within the legal rights while using Twitter downloaders.

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