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We launched a new dashboard experience on Typito! Now let me tell you the story of how we went about revamping the dashboard on the tool.

Not so long ago…

One of Typito’s power creator, who has around 3000+ projects in his account, reached out to us, talking about how difficult it is to find a particular project, in a home page stuffed with projects. Just a project preview and name and to go by, ignoring the aspect that we forget to set meaningful project names from time to time.
I could empathize with how strenuous it was to search for a particular project. I too intermittently faced similar challenges in looking up my own projects on Typito even when there was only a fraction of the number of projects this user had.

I decided to scrutinize Typito’s home page, to come up with the challenges that it poses towards the users.

Old Dashboard
Old Typito Dashboard

Here are some of the problems I uncovered:-

The Fix

We sat down to brainstorm solutions to these issues and came up with solutions to the problems faced by the users.

Dashboard UI
The New Typito Dashboard

All these areas are spaced out to let the user focus on the one he needs.

If I have to pick one feature!

In my opinion, the most useful feature in this upgrade is the Search anything feature. Initially, we had only planned to have a search by project name which was a useful feature in itself. During one of the many brainstorming sessions I had with Srijith, he suggested the feature to search by any text in any project. This feature is really powerful as you don’t need to memorise the names of your project and can find your projects almost instantaneously.

Your feedback is what keeps us moving in the right direction. Do let us know which is your favourite feature in this upgrade.

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