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Reel is now Real - Add and Edit Multiple Videos

From the day our creators started using Typito for their work, one feedback we kept getting intermittently was to add the ability to add, cut and stitch multiple videos in a project. We waited on this, since we knew it's something that needs to be incorporated soon, but with a lot of care. End of the day, our mission is to make video creation simpler than what it is today, and adding the capability to stitch multiple videos is going to come with it's share of complexity.

Rule 1: Don't mess up Overlay Graphics

First thing, we decided, was not to complicate the overlay graphics workflow we have. That remains central to our vision of creating engaging videos with motion graphics and text animations really fast and simple. After a lot of usability research, we decided to come up with a new mode for video editing (adding and editing multiple videos) and we call it Reel!

How the Reel Mode looks like on Typito

How the Reel Mode looks like on Typito

We also did a quick video tutorial to explain how Reel on Typito works. Hope you find it useful!

~Matthew CEO & Co-founder Typito