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How To Design Promotional Offer Videos for your Shopify Store

Promotional Offer videos, as the name suggests, are designed and published to convey information about the sale or promotion happening in relevant channels and are used to drive sales for the product during the promotion period. These promotional sales are usually driven by constraints like limited count of products available or the sale expiring on an imminent date. These constraints are useful in evoking the "Fear of missing out" emotion in the audience-driven by the scarcity principle and leads them to purchase behavior.

These videos are usually distributed on channels outside Shopify like your Facebook Business Page, or in the form of advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Video Design Guidelines

Duration of video: 20 to 30 seconds

Content / Media needed: Slideshow of images or videos that convey the highlights of the product. It would be great if you have videos that demonstrate the utility along with an assisting subtext for narrating the highlight.

Audio: Stock music that goes well with the theme of the product. Ensure you go for a CC(0) license if you haven’t purchased a license for the music track. YouTube provides you a great collection of free audio (that requires no attribution) you can use on your videos.

Text: Unlike the usual product videos, Promotional Offer video's success is in nudging a user to buy the offer. So we show relevant details of the offer - Discount, Link to Buy, and Offer Terms in the decreasing order of importance (and decreasing order of font size) throughout the video. The top fold in the video can be used to highlight the product name and product benefits as and when they show up on the content timeline.

Brand compliance: Use fonts and colors that are used by your brand. Ensure that the video carries a subtle logo with 70-80% opacity to wrap up the brand compliance efforts.

Video Design Walkthrough

Let's design a Promotional Offer video for GXT 450 Blizz, a gamer's headphone that a fashion store on Shopify is selling. Our intent is to showcase a compelling promotional video, mostly used on a video ad platform like Facebook, that would nudge the audience to grab the deal right away!

Step 1: Storyboarding the Video ( ⏰- 10 mins )

The first step would be to come up with a rough storyboard with three sections:

Text: what text overlays you will add on the video

Visuals: what background image or video would be used for demo-ing the product

Intent: what is the purpose of having a given slide or frame in the final video

Here's what we've come up with:

Step 2: Designing the Video on Typito ( ⏰- 15 mins )

Once the storyboard and images/videos for the visuals are ready, you get started with designing the video on Typito! For this brand, we've chosen to keep the design guidelines intact:

Font: Montserrat Family

Color: Red (#ED462F) and White (#FFFFFF) compliant with the video's setting as well as the product's packaging.

Branding: Product type icon (of a headphone) at the top right to give an idea of a product that's on offer, Bold text layouts of multiple sizes demonstrating the hierarchy of information presented.

Audio: Cali Buzz by Yung Logos. This song picked from the Hop Hop & Rap genre on the YouTube audio library goes well with our Promotional Offer video story. Adding to that, this song doesn't require attribution and you’re free to use this song in any of your videos.

Here's a sneak peek into the project on Typito!

Check out the Live Demo here!

Here's how the final video looks like:

Hope you got a hang of how to design Promotional Offer videos!

Note: The demo Promotional Offer video above was designed by Tejaswi. Reach out to him if you want to learn how he went about it! :)