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5 Curated Channels on Making Great YouTube Videos

Gone are the days where people shot to fame with grainy footage in their bedroom. The relevance of learning the art of video making has been growing rapidly in the last two years.  While YouTube’s own Creator Academy and YouTube Help channels do a good job of introducing you to the ropes of making good video, there are a lot of out of the box creators who have been spreading their ideas on making good video. Here are 5 channels you can follow to learn more about the art of vlogging and telling great YouTube stories

Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer has found a niche in YouTube video making lessons, and she has a bunch of videos on her channel that is perfect for a beginner having an unnerving experience. Amy’s new book Vlog like a Boss has got glowing reviews from the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk to Marques Brownlee. She delves deeper into strategies that can help your channel grow - from tips on getting over the fear of starting out making YouTube videos to marketing your channel. One of the few books of its kind out there.

Video Creators

Video Creators has YouTube-certified growth man Tim Schmoyer doling out lessons by the dozen on the little and big things you can do to make great videos. Lessons mostly center around the little hacks you can do to get your creations out in the first search results page.  He's also quick to understand how new features that YouTube releases can be effectively used in making great content.


After you have tested the waters with a couple of videos, the time comes to up your ante in terms of video production quality. DSLRguide talks about just that - storytelling techniques and budget tools to make YouTube videos.  Perfect for beginners as an intro to filmmaking, and the tips on the right equipment you can use is an icing on the cake.

Channel Empire

Andy from Channel Empire covers a wide range of topics ideal for a YouTube novice. Reviewing new editing tools, cameras and how to’s on getting more reach on your videos,  and creating good channel art.  Its an all in one jackpot for someone just starting off on YouTube.


This is your go-to resource to master video editing. KingTutsPro has some in-depth tutorials for Final Cut Pro and iMovie. These go beyond just beginner tutorials to methods and styles of editing that can make your YouTube videos stand out.

What channels have helped you in YouTube journey? Tell us about them in the comments.