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Introducing Typito Spotlight

At Typito, we have a lot of respect and admiration for video creators. We understand the pain and effort that goes behind the successful launch of a video. We are aware of the sleepless nights that many of them go through to present amazing video content for their audience. It's in fact our creators' drive to produce mesmerising videos that motivate us to build a simple video creation experience on Typito. A lot of user experiences, work-flows and product features are built based on first hand feedback from our creators. That's how much they care for Typito and we believe it's time to start giving back.

What is Typito Spotlight?

Spotlight is a week-long featuring of one of our YouTube creators - a collage of some of their best videos, a pinch of exciting trivia about them, tip and tricks they use while producing videos, a collection of some of their best videos on YouTube and a piece of advice they'd want to share with all creators. We are still meddling with a couple of designs for Typito Spotlight. But we are positive that it would be out in early July 2017. Yes, that's next month!

So stay tuned. We are really excited about another YouTube learning centre grooming up at Typito spotlight - we know that budding creators can certainly learn a lot from our featured creators.

~Matthew CEO & Co-founder Typito