Top 8 Free News Video Templates Inspired by CNN and BBC


Successful news channel brands like  CNN and BBC,  have understood the secret recipe for engagement in today’s attention-scarce internet economy: Online videos with contextual text and annotations. Typito provides a vast curated list of animating text animations and motion graphics templates. Easily mix and match these CNN & BBC inspired news templates to design your own videos!


     Let us begin with the CNN inspired news templates,


    The Breaking News template is an apt lower third for News programs. This can be customized based on your brand needs in terms of color, font, and logo. Use this template in your video now.


  2. CNN Outro

    CNN Outro is a template to end your videos with. Add in your brand logo on the placeholder and a short text to go with it. We suggest going with a hashtag or a call to action such as ‘Subscribe’. Add this template to your video.


  3. CNN Presents

    CNN Presents is a template a lower-third template to add professional titling to your videos. This template will help you in labeling the person speaking and also give some more details about the person speaking to the viewer. The colors of the font and the motion graphic can be customized to suit your brand. Have an interview video? This template would be perfect.


  4. CNN Interview

    CNN Interview template is a lower third news template that can be used to quote a person or administration in a news video. The template is kept minimal and simple as inspired by the CNN news show style. Check it out now.



    Next we move onto to the BBC inspired news templates,

  1. World News

    BBC Social template is a title template for your online news show. This template goes well with both videos and image slideshows as well. A simplistic template that can be customized to suit your brand’s style. Click here to try it out now


  2. BBC News Interview

    BBC News Interview lower third is a professional template for your channel that allows you to display two text fields- a title and designation. BBC’s unique style places it at the top but you can feel free to place it where you like and play around with the fonts and color. Need a lower third for your new video? Click here.


  3. BBC Social

    BBC Social is a lower third caption template for your news show. This template adapts well with both videos and image slideshows. Customize the fonts, colors, and alignment depending on your brand requirements. Click the link to add this to your video.

  4. BBC Social

    As the name suggests, the World News template is an apt lower third template for News programs to break out the exciting stories. This can be customized based on your brand needs in terms of color, font, and logo. Try it out now.


    We hoped you liked this blog on News Templates by Typito. We also created a quick video that covers the sources. Check it out and tell us what you like.

    So what are you waiting for! Explore these stunning collection of templates and tell us what you like.

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