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How Amazon Watch Inspires Action with Video Storytelling

About Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch has been at the forefront of supporting Indigenous peoples in order to protect the Amazon basin and our climate. Founded in 1996, this nonprofit organization has come a long way and now celebrates its 25th year in the pursuit of global solidarity to preserve Amazon's ecological systems.

The Organization focuses on three primary missions: 1. Stopping the Amazon Destruction, 2. Advancing Indigenous solutions to protect the Amazon, and 3. Support Climate Justice Movements. To propel these missions into action, Amazon Watch relies on the power of storytelling.

Amazon Watch is dedicated to bringing powerful stories from the deep Amazon Basin to share with the world through immersive video and imagery. With a unique focus on visual storytelling, they can relay narratives from the communities they work with and share stories that inspire action.

While their storytelling has successfully raised awareness and action, this is not without a few challenges. One challenge the team faces is putting together information-packed content in a way that's accessible and actionable to everyone.

We sat down with Elena Teare, Digital Storytelling Strategist at Amazon Watch, to learn more about how they ace action-driven campaigns through storytelling on social media.

Elena Teare, Digital Storytelling Strategist at Amazon Watch

Elena Teare, Digital Storytelling Strategist at Amazon Watch

The Goal and Challenges

Inspiring Action with Video Storytelling

Amazon Watch wanted to do more than just tell stories. They wanted to inspire action and let people know that they could join the movement and work in solidarity with indigenous people to take action.

Another challenge was creating high-quality videos. This can be incredibly challenging for non-profit organizations that work with small teams on a frugal budget. The team also had to ensure that these stories stirred impact at the right time. Sometimes the stories they covered were time-bound. This meant the stories needed to be ready at the right time for an ongoing campaign or to share the latest updates released.

The Solution

A steady production of in-house high-quality typographic videos made easy

Elena was able to resolve some of their most pressing challenges around video creation with Typito. She now had an easy-to-use video design to create in-house high-quality typographic videos. By compiling clips, text, and images, she could create and share videos on social media networks and YouTube in no time.

Since creating videos became more accessible and faster. They could now create more videos every month and reach a broader audience on social media. This helped them continually stay in the spotlight on timely campaigns and built audience insight into their work.

Amazon Watch was also able to maintain brand consistency in terms of having a definitive visual style. Since the videos they create are shared on a large scale, having a distinctive video style helps people recognize and attribute campaigns related to the organizations.

Understanding Amazon Watch’s Video Design Approach

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 11.07.22 PM

Watch the video by clicking here

Keep Brand Consistency

The video begins with a bold text caption that is created using a template from our Text Effects.

As the video plays, you’ll notice the same text style used consistently. Instead of recreating this style for every video project, the team can just copy or save the style to a clipboard so that it can be reused multiple times.

How Amazon Watch is Inspiring Action with Video Storytelling

Use of Brand logo

Every video by Amazon Watch boldly displays the organization’s logo. This helps people recognize and relate to their campaigns.

How Amazon Watch is Inspiring Action with Video Storytelling

End with a Call to Action

Lastly, the video ends with an outro with call-to-action or CTA, which prompts people to act on what they’ve just watched, whether it’s sharing the video or getting in touch. It is smartly designed using the same text effect design to maintain consistency.

How Amazon Watch is Inspiring Action with Video Storytelling

The Outcome

Building interest, action, and connections with people all over the world

With Typito, Amazon Watch was able to scale with video storytelling. They created high-quality typographic videos for every campaign, which were straight to the point, informative, and looked professional.

The number of views of their videos has increased, which has led to more people reaching out to find out how they can be associated and help out.

Elena Teare, Digital Storytelling Strategist at Amazon Watch

For Amazon Watch, videos have been an integral part of storytelling. They've leveraged video successfully in many ways to further knowledge sharing and educate people on various topics. With video, they've also begun to share big stories through interviews that highlight in-house expert opinion.

Video Marketing is a powerful tool and continues to grow. Typito can help you make professional-grade videos for business without the hassle of complex video editing. Check out our Video Design Guide for Nonprofit Marketing to learn more. Want to experience smooth and simple video editing? Head over to Typito.

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