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The Ultimate Checklist for Social Media Videos (Printable)

The Ultimate Checklist for Social Media Videos (Printable)

Social media videos are fun to make when you're doing it for your personal platform. But when a marketer has to design and post multiple brand-compliant social media videos on different platforms in a day there are many things to consider. There are key design elements that go into making a video for social media marketing. If you fail to consider them properly then your video can fail to have the right impact or reach, even if you use the best site to buy real Instagram followers and boost it.

For example, you may have forgot to put the brand logo in its right position, or the font size is too small to read, etc. The problem is when you notice them only after the video is posted on social media platforms. Such video errors bring down the quality of your video, and the whole point of designing and posting the video fails.

Once the world has seen it, it can't be unseen.

At this point, you need something to stare back at you every time you're making social media videos. You need a checklist to make sure you aggressively consistently performed a quality check of your video.

1. Format:

It's critical to pay attention to video format specifications when you're tailoring a brand video for social media platforms. The user interface of each social media platform differs depending on the way viewers will engage with your video.

For example, there are more than five different video formats for Facebook alone.

Optimize your video format for each social media platform to avoid stretched images, missing video elements, or black bars around your video content. Putting a little effort in optimizing your video for a specific format shows that you care about the viewer's experience.

2. Branding:

A video is the only type of media which can help your brand resonate with your audience. A brand guideline helps to portray a consistent and neat image of your business. The goal of a brand guideline is to protect the strength of your business by allowing it to be more recognizable within your industry and audience.

For example, your logo should be displayed in different formats. There could be size restrictions, a set of colors, and how your brand logo should be displayed on different backgrounds of your video.

3. Font:

Fonts play a significant role in brand recognition. They add a voice to your video, keeping the viewers entertained until the end. For example, if you see social media videos from Amazon, you'll notice that they usually have the same recognizable font.

A good brand font can deliver your message with a punch. While a lousy font style may make your video look poorly designed and unprofessional. While adding text to your videos, make sure that it's easily readable and matches the aesthetics of your video.

4. Media:

While selecting images for your social media video, look for simple imagery that highlights the message of your video. Avoid using complicated images and videos, it may fail to keep your audience engaged. Keeping simple footages help your videos tell a well-connected story.

Images should evoke "feelings" in your viewers' mind. Even if it's a plain background with block colors, stay consistent with the flow to keep it brand-compliant.

5. Audio:

While choosing a background track for your social media videos, consider the demographics of your target audience and the kind of music that they listen to. The background music should speak straight to the heart of the viewer you're trying to reach.

You can also look at age-ranges, culture, and genre while picking appealing background music for your video.

Following a simple checklist like this will make sure that your video is brand compliant and is ready to be seen by your audience.

Btw, you can download this checklist here. Pin it on your board and never miss a step in checking the quality of your social media videos.