Introducing Typito Offers


Typito Offers is here!

If you’ve come here, you belong to one of the two categories below or maybe both:

1. You want to help us build a great product and share the love with other creators.

2. You are still exploring the capabilities of Typito and would want some more time to test the tool out before committing your time and efforts. Fair enough!

Typito Offers basically lets you redeem time-bound offers that can be unlocked by a few actions from your end, like for example – getting $5 Typito credits for filling up a quick customer survey for us! As you’d have got it, Typito Offers is a classic example of win-win where you derive more value from the tool while helping us do a better job building it!

Here is the list of all Typito Offers that are active right now:

1. 2 Minute Survey ($5 Typito Credits)

This is a quick survey that helps us understand your video creation requirements better. This would help us serve you better as well as take important product and strategy decisions as we build Typito. This can be redeemed by a creator only once and make sure you provide the same e-mail address that you’ve used to sign-up on Typito while filling up the survey. Click here to start the survey.

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