How to Download Vimeo Videos from the Website Directly or Using Third-Party Tools


When it comes to artistic videos, Vimeo is one of the best sources you will ever find online. No, we are not undermining YouTube here, but Vimeo has more film-like videos. However, if you wish to hold onto any of those clips, perhaps, in your external drive or offline, then you need to learn how to download Vimeo videos.

Let’s get into a quick overview of what Vimeo is all about before we tell you that.

Vimeo is a platform where you can upload your videos and have complete control to turn them either public or private. Yes, this sounds like Youtube, but the difference is that rather than competing with YouTube directly, Vimeo has its audience of creators, brands, and artists who prefer using their platform to others.

In simple words, it’s more like Tumblr for video hosting where you might not find anything popular, but it is always interesting. Since Vimeo has high-quality, interesting videos, it is understandable that you’d love to download a few for yourself!

Note: Not all videos that you see on Vimeo are available for download. Though some videos have a download button enabled (only if the content creator chooses to do so), others might not. You can still download Vimeo videos that creators don’t allow you to. This is through safe third-party Vimeo video downloaders.

Today, this blog will cover two things:

So, let’s get started.

Method 1: How to Download Vimeo Videos from the Website Directly

You will see a “download” button enabled below a video only if the creator has allowed it to be downloaded publicly. Follow these steps in this case:

Step 1: Go to and login with your credentials.

Step 2: Search for the video that you want to download. Click on the “Download” button.

how to download videos from vimeo

Step 3: Choose the video quality or resolution that you want it to be downloaded in.

how to download a video from vimeo

Step 4: The download process begins and takes a few seconds to minutes, depending on the video’s size.

Method 2: How to Download Vimeo Videos Using Third-party Tools

If you don’t see the “download” button enabled below the video, then it means that the creator hasn’t allowed it for public use.

Though there are ways to download such videos using third-party Vimeo video downloaders, be aware that downloading and using them for commercial purposes can lead you into big legal trouble.

how to download a vimeo video using downloader

Each site has its own guidelines for downloading content, so always be sure to carefully read through the terms and conditions. No matter what method you choose for downloading a video, understand that the act of downloading still applies.

Most websites or creators will not mind if you download their videos for personal use (say, share it with family and friends for fun or just watch it offline). However, if you intend to broadcast or distribute this content publicly, it might bring about issues. So bear this note of caution in mind before you try to download a video using any Vimeo downloader.

Here are a few good Vimeo video downloaders that are not just free but will also help you download videos with ease.


vimeo video downloaders is one of the best Vimeo video downloaders you’ll ever find online. What makes us list this tool on the first spot is its ability to provide a wide range of features besides the usual download feature that most tools offer.

It lets you download multiple files simultaneously (often called the “Batch Download”) in excellent quality with different video resolutions such as 1080p, 720p, 4K, 8K, etc. So this means you can enjoy lossless video visual quality anytime.

How to download Vimeo videos using

Benefits of using

This downloader offers lossless quality in various video formats—420+ formats, to be precise. Its GPU-powered hardware acceleration helps the tool to be 47x faster than others. Most importantly, there are no ads, malware, or extensions, making it 100% safe to use.


free vimeo video downloader

Vimeo-Downloader is another useful Vimeo video downloader that allows you to download videos with ease. The interface is simple, clean, crisp, and fast. Once you copy-paste the Vimeo video link into this tool and hit the submit button, the download is complete in a few seconds.

How to download Vimeo videos using

Benefits of using

If you have ever dealt with other Vimeo video downloaders, you know the drill. However, with this tool, there’s no registration or installation required. It’s simple and straightforward to use. It can perform two functions for you—one, help you download Vimeo videos, and two, convert occasional music videos from Vimeo to MP3 format. Overall, the process is easy and takes less time to download.


vimeo video downloader online is yet another excellent Vimeo video downloader, which helps you download videos from Vimeo easily. Interestingly, the tool isn’t just created for Vimeo. You can even download videos from Twitter, Facebook, DailyMotion, Rumble, Instagram, Aol Video, and many more.

How to download Vimeo videos using

Benefits of using helps you save your Vimeo video in different formats like WebM, MP4, FLV and supports video quality in 4K, 1080p, Full HD,SD, 720p HD, Mobile, etc. It is compatible with all devices and browsers. Thus, making it one of the best Vimeo video downloaders on this list.


free vimeo video downloader

Keepvid is another tool available for free online, which can do much more than just downloading videos from Vimeo. It has a video converter and supports downloading videos for other social media platforms too.

How to download Vimeo videos using

Benefits of using

It doesn’t matter what device or browser you use, Keepvid supports all platforms and makes the downloading process smooth. downloading in a snap. When it comes to video resolution, you have different options to choose from: HD, SD, 4K, and Full HD.


free vimeo video downloader online

If speed is what you’re looking for from a Vimeo video downloader, Getfvideo is all you need. It’s quick, safe, and reliable. You don’t have to install any additional files or register in order to use the tool. It is available for free online. All you have to do is copy-paste the Vimeo video link and save the video to your device. As simple as that!

How to download Vimeo videos using Getfvideo

Benefits of using Getfvideo:

Getfvideo supports all browsers and devices and lets you download videos from Vimeo in MP4 and MP3 file formats. Overall, it’s a great tool to use.

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