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5 Essential Types of YouTube Channels To Explore

With over a billion users now and the ever-increasing power of videos, YouTube is easily the most powerful medium for people to showcase their expertise to the entire world. Creators of some of the YouTube channels are interestingly making more money today than even Hollywood Stars.

If you are wondering how you could give this a shot, here are some insights on what kind of YouTube channels are making it big in terms of the number of views and subscribers.

5 types of videos that have made YouTube channel creators celebrities of the new age online world.

1. Product Reviews

The world is flooded with new upcoming products every single day and everybody just wants to buy the latest one. If you are fascinated about comparing devices and their configurations and passing a wise verdict, the world is looking up to you to help them out.

Ensure unbiased opinion about phones, laptops, household items, and even toys, and just watch the number of views on your channel. Product reviews are big but you got to be on your toes to try and be an early reviewer for an upcoming device. This will give you an edge over other product review YouTube channels

2. Cooking

At a point when the world has become a melting point of cultures, food is perhaps the farthest from an exception. Exotic delicacies from South Asia to rich creamy flavors from Europe, people want to try out just everything. If you feel that you have magic in your hands that can leave people licking their fingers, then you got to tell this to the entire world. YouTube is turning into a great platform where people are showcasing their cooking expertise to a wide number of audiences across the globe.

3. Self Help

Oh, the world is full of problems. Looks like a lot of people have started to look up to their smartphones to resolve these. You feel that you understand people well? Log on to YouTube and start spreading your wisdom. However, you have to be clear about who your target audience is. Listen to your audience and carefully choose topics that they want to hear about.

4. Let's play

Do you know who has the most number of subscribers on YouTube today? It is a gamer popularly known as PewDiePie. The world is going gaga over 'Let's Play' videos. With faster internet connections and boring real lives, millions of people are literally living in the virtual world of video games. 'Let's Play' videos typically consist of showing a video game playing experience coupled with smart and quirky live commentary about the game-play. One of the most popular sub-genres of 'Let's Play' is retro gaming. The YouTubers will play old games that are available online through ROMs, such as this Pokemon Diamond ROM Download for NDS, and stream the game-play. It's surprising how many people enjoy watching someone else play a video game that has been around for years. It sounds crazy, right?

5. Tutorials

If you are an expert in something, why don't you share it with others? How to fix car problems, tips for software usage, how to get the most out of online casinos without registering, or even make-up tips to look gorgeous for the party tonight, tutorials for whatever you can imagine are there on YouTube today. Ensure good production quality, clarity in thought process, and keep messaging to the point.