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12 Types of Workout Videos for your Fitness Brand [Examples + Templates]

12 Types of Workout Videos for your Fitness Brand [Examples + Templates]

Video is an excellent medium for creating content that serves your online audience and stands out to reflect your brand. You’ll be surprised at how much video has to offer when looking to create easily accessible and wholesome fitness content.

We’ve counted down the top 12 types of videos taking over the online fitness markets and styles you should try to include in your fitness video strategy.

We’ll talk about each type of video, plus examples for inspiration and Typito templates that’ll make it easier for you to start creating videos on your own. Each section also covers specific goals, making it easier for you to choose which video is best for your business.

Ready to explore workout video ideas and templates? Let’s dive in.

  1. Follow Along Workout Videos with Timer
  2. Demonstration Workout Videos
  3. Promotional videos for Social Media
  4. Live Video Classes
  5. Home Workouts
  6. No equipment workout Videos
  7. Full-length Workout Videos
  8. Motivational Videos
  9. Health Advice Videos
  10. Fitness Journey
  11. Yoga Routine
  12. Exercise Plans

Workout Video Ideas to Grow your Fitness Business

1. Follow Along Workout Videos with Timer

At the top of our list is the Follow-along workout videos. This video type is common with popular fitness channels. Follow-along videos are usually kept simple and follow an instructor performing an exercise routine that viewers can follow.

Typito Blog Images

HASFit has a great collection of Follow-along workout videos styled to match their branding. You can create similar text overlays with Typito Templates.

How do Follow-Along Videos help your brand?

Follow-along workout videos boost conversion. These videos give viewers a sneak-peak into what your training sessions would look like and how you approach fitness uniquely.

Use your Follow-along videos to build a strong first impression and give prospective clients a genuine look of your brand. If they find value in the way you instruct, they’re more likely to convert as active subscribers.

Pro-Tip Focus on branding your Follow-along with Videos and building a content reservoir on your website. You can easily set up an e-commerce store through your website or post the link to your store on a Shopify platform where visitors can buy your video materials.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Website - You get maximum control over your content, which means you choose what to have as free and paid content.
  2. YouTube - YouTube is great for expanding your viewer base and audience building opportunities.
  3. Online Learning Portals like Skillshare, Udemy, Unscreen - Of course, no two portals are the same, so compare platforms and see which aligns better to your business goals.

Text Templates to create Follow Along workout videos

Follow along videos rely on two key points - excellent narration and video text overlay to reinforce highlights of the narration. Our Templates Library has a collection of animated text templates and timer templates, specially curated for fitness videos.

Here's a peek at our collection of stylized templates for Fitness Videos.

Essential Templates you’ll need for a Follow-along Fitness video:

  • An Intro and Outro Template - to introduce your brand and style.
  • Timer Template - to indicate the duration of each exercise sequence.
  • Lower Third Template - are great for displaying information about the instructor or the names of exercises performed.
Follow-Along Video Templates Typito

Here's how you can add text overlays to your follow-along workout video.

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2. Demonstration Workout Videos

Demonstration videos are great for exhibiting a more profound knowledge of workout routines. You can use this type of video to get into details of body postures, the right way to perform specific exercises/routines in a step-by-step process.

These videos are similar to follow-along workout videos but are more concise. You don’t necessarily spend time going over an entire exercise routine of multiple repetitions in a demonstration video. You can instead focus on providing more context around the exercise, the correct posture, and alternative modifications.

Use Lower-Third Templates to display information like the exercise name. You can even match templates with your brand color like Bowflex does.

How do Demonstration Videos help your brand?

Demonstration Workout videos drive engagement and help generate leads.  This type of video is excellent for showcasing the authority you’ve built on a subject. Once viewers feel more confident about your expertise and are curious to learn more, you can redirect them to your primary channel, like your website, for more content and sign-up subscriptions.

Be sure to add relevant links and appropriate CTAs text at the end of your video or video description.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. YouTube - Consider having a playlist of a few demonstration videos to appeal to a specific audience segment like beginners.
  2. Social Media Channels like Instagram and Facebook- As short social videos, these could help redirect viewers to your primary channels.
  3. Website- You could include these as part of your free content section and prompt viewers to subscribe for more intensive training videos.

Text Templates to create Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos can be kept minimal with just three basic templates:

  • An Intro and Outro Template - introduce your topic/exercise.
  • A Lower Third Template - add in information like the exercise name and highlighting key pointers like body positions for a workout.
  • CTA Templates- redirect viewers to follow your social media channels or your landing page to explore paid training classes.

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3. Promotional videos for Social Media

Promotional videos are a great marketing strategy, especially if you’re looking to promote multiple services that your fitness studio offers.

These act like teaser videos that include glimpses of what the fitness studio or a typical training session has to offer, an upcoming event, or an exclusive offer.

Here's how Fit Body App nails using bold graphics and text captions to highlight offers on their Promotional Videos. You can check out the full video on Anna Victoria's Instagram Account here.

How do Promotional Videos help your brand?

Promotional videos are great for brand promotion and engagement. These videos allow you to direct social video content to a much wider audience. With such exposure, you’re in complete advantage to attract new visitors and build brand awareness, while ensuring your current customers are still engaged.

You can expand the definition of ‘Promotion.’ If you don’t have time-bound promotional offers running, you can make a promo video to highlight the business aspect that sets you apart.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Social Media Channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook- Social media videos generate 1,200% more shares than both text and pictures combined. The added opportunity for engagement is bound to help with visibility.

Text Templates to create Fitness Promotion videos

Go all out on graphics- image graphics and big, bold, animated text graphics to draw the viewer’s attention. You’ll want to highlight the promo features with text captions to help videos retain your message better.

Essential Templates you’ll need for a Promotional Fitness video:

  1. Bold Title Templates - to highlight your Promo selling point.
  2. Strong Call-to-Action or CTA Templates - to drive action.

Here's how you can create kickass Promotional Videos using Typtio Templates.

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4. Live Video Classes

Live video classes are the next best thing to studio interactions stretched beyond geographical barriers.

Apart from hosting classes accessible to anyone worldwide, Live courses are an easy setup that doesn’t cost as much. With just a laptop and free conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Webex, you’re all set to go live.

Zumba Classes are a great example of how Live works can be fun and engaging. Here's how Augustina Jukne Zumba posts teasers of her Live sessions.

How do Live Fitness Videos help your brand?

Live Fitness Videos build strong community engagement. With Live Videos, you can make the most of real-time engagement and feedback from participants. You also get to interact with your audience to watch participants closely and help them with suggestions.

One of the key ingredients for building a community is steady interaction. With Live Fitness streaming, you’re able to not only connect with participants from across geographic locations but also create a space for them to interact as well.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. YouTube- If your Live classes have significant participation, these videos can also double as social proof and give other views a reason to consider signing up for your classes.
  2. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram - Live Videos = Endless Supply of Content. You can repurpose recorded Live classes as social videos posted to your social media channels or your website.

Text Templates to Repurpose Live Fitness workout videos

With Typito, you can import your Live Video Recording and edit full-length videos into smaller videos for social media.

Basic Templates you’ll need for editing and reposting Live Fitness video:

  • An Intro and Outro Title template- to introduce yourself/brand.
  • A Timer template - show a time sequence for each exercise.
  • Lower third templates- to indicate exercise names.
  • A CTA Template - to link your next class or subscription channels.

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5. Home Workouts

Home workout videos have been around for a while (almost since the ’80s). These videos appeal to a very niche audience that either prefers working out from their home’s privacy and comfort or are simply unable to invest in or travel to a fitness studio or gym.

Growwithjo's YouTube channel has a great collection of Home Workout Videos that are simple and easy to follow.

How do Home Workout Videos help your brand?

Home Workout Videos are great for increasing sales and building brand awareness. As mentioned, not everyone can make it to a gym or fitness studio. Sometimes it’s the lack of motivation, and at other times it's just not feasible with a busy schedule.

Including home workout videos to your content list might just open opportunities to a whole new untapped audience segment. If viewers find your content approachable and easy to follow, they’ll be more willing to sign up for personalized home workout sessions or try out alternative training sessions.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Website / App - Your website or application can be the central hub for your workout video collection. This will also give you more control over which videos you want to include as free or paid access.
  2. YouTube - Keeping your YouTube channel updated with Home workout videos is excellent for expanding your viewer base. Viewers might be drawn in with Home Workout videos but might choose to stay for other interesting workout videos you have to offer.

Templates to create Home Workout Videos

Simple Templates you’ll need for a home workout video:

  1. An Intro and Outro Template - to introduce your workout topic and channel/brand name.
  2. Timer Template - to countdown the duration of the exercise.
  3. Lower Third Template - to display exercise name and duration.

Here's how you can design Home Workout Videos on Typito with beautiful templates that can be customized to match your branding.

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6. No equipment workout Videos

Staying fit shouldn't have to cost a fortune. No equipment workout videos promote the idea that you can train at home and keep up with a perfectly good fitness routine with just your body weight.

These videos could include simple workout routines that you can do at home or outdoor exercises like rock climbing, yoga, or dance routines.

Typito Blog Images

With Typito Templates, you can access a range of stylized Timer Templates to count up or down for an exercise sequence.

How do No-Equipment Videos Help your Brand?

Just like Home Workout videos, No-equipment videos also cater to a specific target audience that don’t necessarily want to invest, or who might not have access to workout equipment.

Exploring No-equipment videos might just open up more opportunities for tapping into a new audience segment.

Text Templates to Create No-equipment Videos

Here are some essential text templates you’ll need for no-equipment workout videos:

  1. An Intro template - to highlight your brand and topic.
  2. A timer template - to indicate the time sequence for a workout.
  3. Lower Third Template - for introducing exercise names.

Here's the range of Timer Template on Typito that you can use to design great workout videos.

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7. Full-length Workout Videos

Full-length Workout videos are great for creating a consistent series of workout videos. These typically include a full-length video that shows a combination of exercises for a complete workout.

Full-length workout videos can stretch to more than 30mins, consider including an overview of the routine using text captions for clarity. Here's how Fitness Blender does this.

How do Full-length Workout Videos help your brand?

Full-length Videos are great for driving better conversions. You can start by offering free Full-length videos on your website or YouTube channel and use this to leverage personalized plans that offer to help clients with very specific goals.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. YouTube - Create categories that viewers are interested in like high-intensity, low-impact workout, etc.
  2. Website - While full-length videos work great on your website, do include shorter previews of these videos on your social media channels.

Text Templates to create Full-length workout videos

Here are some basic templates you’ll need to add context to full-length Fitness video:

  • An Intro and Outro Template- to introduce the routine.
  • Timer Template - for indicating the duration of the exercise.
  • Animated Text Captions - for mentioning an overview of the exercise, the repetitions, and other information.

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8. Motivational Videos

Fitness journeys can be extremely tough for some people. A little bit of motivation can go a long way in giving your customers the right nudge to keep pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Creating motivational videos are a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level and build a relationship with your viewers through empathy.

Center-aligned text captions for Fitness Motivation Videos are an excellent way to draw attention to the message. Here's one of our favorite videos by Alex Kalts.

How do Motivation Videos help your brand?

You can use Fitness Motivational Videos as an opportunity to promote your brand by sharing your unique approach or personal fitness philosophy that sets you apart.

These are great to advertise your brand subtly. You can create branded fitness motivational videos with personalized brand colors, styles, and messages to effectively market your fitness brand on social media and prompt more followers.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter- Be sure to visually brand your motivational videos and add a CTA to redirect viewers to your primary channels.

Text Templates to create Workout Motivational videos

Basic Templates that come in handy to create a Fitness Motivational video:

  • Animated Text Captions - to highlight your message
  • Automated Subtitles - if your motivational video includes a powerful voice-over narration, add subtitles to make the message more comprehensive.

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9. Health Advice Videos (Vitamins, Fat loss, Supplements, Meal Plans, and Dietary Information)

Fitness isn't just about sweating it out for hours at the gym. Much of achieving fitness goals come from adopting an overall healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking to give your clients wholesome content around fitness, do include health advice videos that talk about nutrition, weight loss, diet plans, and how these play a significant role in staying healthy and consistently maintaining health goals.

Nuffield Health's Videos not only explore interesting topics but also introduce you to the team.

How do Health Advice Videos Help your Brand?

Health Advice videos are great to showcase your expertise without overtly selling your services. If potential clients viewing your content see that you’ve built expertise in the spectrum of fitness and health, they’ll be more willing to convert.

The more you personalize your approach to health advice videos, the closer your audience will identify with your brand. Doing this will go a long way in building a positive experience for your brand by making customers feel that you’re invested in their overall well-being, rather than just retaining them on a subscription.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter- To double as subtle promotional videos, remember to brand your videos using a logo and add a CTA to redirect viewers to your primary channels.
  2. YouTube- Consider creating a playlist for this category, so viewers are intrigued to explore similar topics on your channel.
  3. Website- Once again, your website can be your primary channel for hosting all your resource content.

Templates to create Health Advice Videos

Key Templates you’ll need for creating health advice videos:

  1. An Intro template - to introduce your brand or topic.
  2. Automated Captions - for adding Subtitles to your video
  3. Lower Third Template - for introducing yourself as a fitness instructor and your expertise.

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10. Fitness Journey

Fitness journey videos are a great way to document your own progress and show your community of followers just how effectively you were able to bring about change.

You could also introduce fitness vlogging as a way to interestingly share your story and regular progress checks as milestones in your fitness journey.

Fitness Journey Videos are great to pump up engagement. Here's a great fitness journey Vlog by Whitney Simmons.

How do Fitness Journey Videos help your brand?

You can leverage your storytelling skills with a great video to make your brand more approachable and empathetic to the struggle to achieve fitness goals. Fitness Journey videos create a space for encouraging interaction.

When other people in the fitness community see your fitness journey, they’re bound to be inspired, especially if they identify with your fitness goals. It’s a great pitch to build confidence with potential clients and nudge them to think about training with you.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram - everyone loves sharing a good story. If your fitness journey stories are compelling they’ll draw significant engagement through comments, shares, and reactions.

Templates to create Fitness Journey videos

A few key templates you’ll need for a Fitness Journey video:

  • An Intro template- to introduce the highlight of your story.
  • Automated Subtitles- to make your story more comprehensive as you speak.
  • CTA Templates - to your following and subscribers on social platforms or your website.

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11. Yoga Routine

Yoga routine videos are one of the most popular searched workout videos. While this isn’t a type of video, it’s certainly carved out its own niche in the fitness video domain and deserves its own space.

Yoga is expansive, and choosing the right form to delve in can be daunting. Most yoga instructors explore a spectrum of topics that range from basic forms to build flexibility, weight loss, strength training, or restorative yoga that is great for de-stressing. With yoga videos, you can get creative and explore niche but trending topics.

How do Yoga Videos help your brand?

If you market a fitness studio, consider having guest instructors to conduct Yoga Video Sessions. It’s a great way to reach newer audiences and show people that your studio creates a free and inclusive space for all types of workouts.

As a fitness trainer who isn't necessarily trained in yoga, you can try and do guest collaborations or collaborative live sessions with popular yoga instructors to tap into a new segment of the audience and introduce your current audience base to something different and refreshing.

Break down your topics into smaller videos with a single key idea. This helps viewers watch videos that are digestible and very specific to something they might be looking to tackle, such as body pain, mental well-being, etc. With smaller packaged video content, viewers are bound to keep coming back to your channel for similar topics.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Website - Fitness studio brands or yoga instructors can have a dedicated category for yoga on your website or fitness app.
  2. YouTube - Use your channel to expand the type of content you create at intervals to give your audience something new to look forward to.
  3. Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram - shorter collaboration videos will work great for brand promotion on social media platforms.

Text Templates to create Yoga Workout videos

Essential and handy text templates you’ll need for a Yoga video:

  • An Intro and Outro Template - to introduce your channel and topic.
  • Timer Template - to countdown the duration of the exercise.
  • Lower Third Template- for displaying information about the instructor or the exercise.

Here's our collection of Wellness Templates that are perfect for your next Fitness Video.

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12. Exercise Plans

Exercise Plans add more structure to workouts and build routines to empower people to be more independent about working out.

Creating exercise plans will involve creating a series of short videos, packaged as a single course plan for a topic. Ensure that you pace out publishing your content consistently so that users know when you come back to follow through a course.

How do Exercise Plan Videos help your brand?

Exercise Plan Videos help promote your brand. Use your expertise in fitness to add value to users. If you can create comprehensive exercise plans for viewers that give them clarity on particular fitness goals, they’re bound to want to continue training with you to see consistent results.

Include bonus material like downloadable worksheets for tracking progress, printable motivational quotes, diet and nutrition information to prompt subscribers/followers on your channels, or email marketing streams.

Best Social Platforms for Distribution

  1. Website - You can use free basic plans on your website to leverage personalized exercise plans and consultation for a subscription.
  2. YouTube- Use YouTube to market videos based on popular challenges or trends to keep up with the times.
  3. Online Learning Portals like Skillshare, Udemy, Unscreen are great for expanding your audience base.

Text Templates to create Exercise Plan workout videos

Essential Templates you’ll need for editing Exercise Plan Fitness video:

  • An Intro template - to display the type of workout the video includes.
  • Timer Template -to countdown the duration of the exercise.
  • Lower Third Template - to display the current exercise of the upcoming routine.
  • CTA templates - for redirecting potential customers.

Finally, we’re at the end of our countdown of popular types of workout videos taking over the online fitness space. When looking to explore fitness content creation, just be sure to create videos that reach a broader customer base but still engage your current audience.

If you haven’t made videos a regular part of your marketing strategy, start boosting your fitness brand now.

Thinking about creating a fitness video? Let’s get you started for free.

Got any questions about creating engaging video stories for your business? Shoot us an email at hello@typito.com