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How to Crop Videos for Instagram Online

The easiest way to crop and resize a video for Instagram. And alternative way to fit videos on Instagram without cropping the video.
How to Crop Videos for Instagram Online

Are you struggling to post a video that doesn’t quite fit perfectly on Instagram? We’ve all been there!

Knowing how to easily crop videos for Instagram so that they fit perfectly as an Instagram Post, Story or even a Reel gives you room to play around with different ways to post your video content.

If you’re looking for simple tools and tutorials - we’ll show you how to crop a video for Instagram in 3 simple steps. And if cropping your videos means losing important parts of the footage - we’ll show you how you can still post your video on Instagram without having to crop it.

Let's dive in!

3 Simple Ways to Crop Videos for Instagram

  1. Crop a video for Instagram with Typito
  2. Crop videos directly on Instagram
  3. Fit a video on Instagram without cropping

First, let’s look at the quickest and easiest way to crop a video online.

Crop a video to fit on Instagram in 3 easy steps

Typito works right from your browser and this makes it very easy to crop a video for Instagram into almost any video aspect ratio compatible with Instagram.

This means you can convert videos for Instagram Stories, Posts, and Reels perfectly with Typito. Plus, you’ll have the option to freely adjust your cropped videos to choose the exact portion of the video that you want to keep.

Step 1: Upload the video.
Head over to Typito to get started directly. You can create a new account or get started directly and sign up later.

Upload the video you want to crop. Once it’s uploaded, your video will appear under the 'My Media' tab in the left panel. Click the video to add it to your timeline and canvas.

Drag and drop your video to this screen or click this space to choose video files from your system folders.
Drag and drop your video or click to choose video files from your system folders.

Step 2: Resize and Crop your video
Click ‘Resize’ and choose an appropriate aspect ratio - square Instagram post or Instagram story.

In this example, we’ll crop a widescreen video to fit a vertical Instagram Story.