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5 Reasons to Add Text on Your Videos

We'd like to share a secret with you - Text can make your videos become the purple cow among a herd of YouTube channels. Popular Youtube vlogger Manjula's Kitchen's had a 30% increase in number of views and 17% increase subscribers after she started using text on her videos. (she used Typito and thats how we know this secret of course)

Need more than just analytics to know why you should add text? I can give you 5

1. Content becomes easy to recall

You will be more confident while answering “Do you know Mr. George in your neighbourhood who plays tennis daily morning” compared to “Do you know Mr. George”.  This is called Connectionism theory in Cognitive Sciences, which says that a person can retain more information about an object when more number of cues are provided about the object.

Similarly, text on videos will provide the user with an extra cue that helps them understand and retain the information in a video much better


In the above video, activist Ram Subramanian, director of Handloom Picture Company, boosts the retention of his message in Velfie for Obama.

2. Highlights key actions

Every video would have sections that are important for the audience to take home. For example, one needs to remember 3–4 tips while baking Crusted Apple Pie. If the tips show up on the video when the cook talks about it, what’s better!


Manjula’s Kitchen is one of the most popular YouTube creators who produce videos on Indian vegetarian recipes. With over 330,000 subscribers, Manjula Jain is particular about helping her audience to follow the recipes. She uses Typito to create these typography templates on videos.

If your looking for a video to sum up this blog post, look no further. Let us know what you think.

3. Can be consumed without sound

A lot of people watch videos on mute mode. A recent study indicates that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Lot of us consume videos passively while in transit or in public spaces. Text is very critical for most of these videos since they’d help the user understand the video in its context without playing sound


AJ+ is a popular online media company with massive following on Facebook and YouTube. Since their videos are easy to consume even on mute, they are unique. They use text animations in place of the usual length subtitles. The text cathces the audience’s attention conveys the intent perfectly.

4. Just a lot prettier

The easiest way to attain Wes Anderson levels of beauty on your video will be to add text and motion templates on them. If you underestimate form over function, you might want to take a look at Broken Window theory, which essentially says that the way you view and treat an object changes when it is well designed and beautiful


You will find a million and more culinary videos on YouTube but you’ll never forget the ThirstyFor videos if you have watched any. There are very few video creators who’ve paid more attention to detail and aesthetics like ThirstyFor team. And guess what plays an important role in their videos — text!

5. Creates your brand identity

Watch any Quentin Tarantino movie and 5 minutes into it, you will start seeing the man and his brand in every single shot . Be it the background score, camera angles or even the title credits.

Similarly your videos can boost your brand’s recall. Starting with the logo, every single element of text used in the video can be made in line with your brand language. This essentially help people connect better with your brand — which is what every business would yearn to have.


Here’s one of the advertisements that were released by Vodafone India in early 2016 to promote its 4G network. All the videos in the campaign were marked by text that goes well with the company’s brand.

If you are planning to chalk out your business’ video marketing or content strategy, it’s important to evaluate if text or typography would help you reach out better to your audience. If any of the above use-cases apply to your videos, think no further. Those extra moments to add text on the videos would be worth it.